Cannot install Raid drivers during Windows Setup with USB floppy drive


I am trying to install Windows 2003 64 bit on an Intel-based server.  It has an Intel SCRS16 SATA RAID card in it.  In order to load the 3rd party driver, I have attached a USB floppy drive to the system.  I press F6 and all is fine when it asks for the driver.  Later, when it starts up Windows and wants to copy files, it looks for the floppy drive again.  However, no that windows has started, it no longer sees the USB drive.

What's going on?  Why is it even looking for it again let alone not finding it?

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hm; had a similar issue where I tried to provide some other drivers as well during setup, and it went fine after providing only the RAID drivers.
Next thing to try is another USB floppy, from a different brand; there seem to be issues with some types of USB floppies (especially Sony, http:Q_21523465.html).
Yet another options is to try if the workaround described here works for you:
Using a F6 Driver with USB Floppy, This is the fix for using USB Floppy drives for F6 drivers in Textmode
In case there are other cards in there for which you're providing drivers during setup: don't. Save this for after the base installation, install only the SATA drivers that the OS needs to boot.
crapshooterAuthor Commented:
That is all that I am trying to do
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LazarusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look at this, it maybe of some help. I know it syas its for Win XP but I'm pretty sure it holds true in Server as well.
oBdA, Nice link there that pretty much ads what i could not, and i will add that to my library. ;-)
crapshooterAuthor Commented:
That was it!  It was a Sony USB drive.  I switched to an NEC (which was on lazarus98's list of OK drives) and it is now copying files.

Thank you very much!

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