PHP mailing list functionality

I am new to PHP and I am searching for code to embed into my webpage that will do several things:

1. Create a form that gets a visitor's name and email address (has a 'Submit' button).
2. Adds the name and email to a list (maybe just a txt document or a database). --> Note: I don't have a database set up, and I do not know how to code one (so I would need a lot of code for this option).
3. When the submit button is clicked, an email is sent to me ( with the updated list of emails as the body of the email. The subject is : "New member has joined"

Can you please provide code. It will really help me. Thank you so much.
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Ask in PHP forum, this is ASP.
jrwalker2Author Commented:
I have asked in a PHP forum also. If you can answer my question with ASP, I welcome the solution. I am simply searching for people who are willing to help me with my problem. Thank you
Is not really that simple, code in asp is totally different to php and what you need to do involves a lot of stuff ... if youre using a linux hosting you should stick to php forum, there's plenty of people that will gladly help you there.
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      $fromAddress= "";
      $toAddress= "";
                     $subject= "New member has joined";
      $firstName= $_POST['txtfirstname'];
      $lastName= $_POST['txtlastname'];
      $emailAddress= $_POST['txtemail'];
$content = <<<EOD
      <title>New User register!!!</title>
            <td colspan='2'>Regards,<br>Support Team</td>

$bodytag = str_replace("%FNAME%",$firstName,$content);
$bodytag = str_replace("%LNAME%",$lastName,$bodytag);
$bodytag = str_replace("%MAILADDRESS%",$emailAddress,$bodytag);

function send_mail($fromaddress,$toaddress,$subject,$bodymessage)
      $headers  = "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n";
      $headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n";
      $headers .= "Content-type: text/html;\r\n";
      $headers .= "From: ".$fromaddress."\r\n";
      return true;

<TITLE>Raja's Example</TITLE>
<form name="frmname" action="send_mail2.php" method="POST">
      <TD>First Name:</TD>
      <TD><input type="text" name="txtfirstname"></TD>
      <TD>Last Name:</TD>
      <TD><input type="text" name="txtlastname"></TD>
      <TD>Email Address:</TD>
      <TD><input type="text" name="txtemail"></TD>

      <TD><input type="submit" name="btnsubmit" value="submit"></TD>


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jrwalker2Author Commented:
Thank you so much raja_ind82! I have a followup question...I have an exisiting page (page.html). Do I rename it to page.php? Is there something special that I need to do to get this working (I have tried both .php and .htm and neither work)? Also, if I want it sent straight to my gmail account, can the set the variables like this?:

 $fromAddress= "";
 $toAddress= "";

where xxxxxxxx is my user name.
if you want to any php scripting in that, then rename it to "page.php".
you can set any type value in the to address. do you want to change this in dynamically.
if you want get form the database, using any id and can get the details from the database. if you have any specific question feel free to ask me....

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