NERO and ROXIO Won't Burn Daily Backups.


The above message appears when I'm doing backups of data. I'm doing daily backups to CD RW discs (Imation brand). When using two differing programs I get the same message - with  BackItUp (NERO and ROXIO 9.
The first use of the disc is OK but not subsequent uses. The disc has not been finalized and is set for multiple sessions.
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Hi I have found on numerous times burning multi session cd just dont work. Especially when you start a multi sesion with Nero you must save the ISO and use Nero again.Or If youstart a multi session in Roxio save the ISO and then use Roxio again.
Sometimes you can just ignore these messages.

Having 2 burners is not a good idea personaly especially if one is Nero, I would drop/uninstall Roxio for now and keep Nero. But that is my preference.
Verbatim is the best cd followed by TDK Sanyo to name a couple if your making backups I would only use the best cd.
Look on ebay for bargains with Verbatum quantity is cheaper.
you can also buy good value flash usb pen drives to back up to regularly
Some guides for you
Help with Nero

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mpzqnoAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, Merete! You helped me quite some time ago getting rid of stubborn files/folders.
This question was so I could help a friend do his backups. He doesn't have both the programs on the same computer - Nero he had on a comp that got fried by an electrical disturbance and Roxio is on his current machine. I am using Nero on my comp to test things for him.
Your first link did the trick!  He had not checked the box "Allow files to be added later (multi-session disc") and I had failed to notice it, but I did when reading your referred page.
Many thanks from
   (Aussie) Malcolm
Good news Malcom, lol simple fix too yes it helps to enable
add files for later option.
Where do you live Malcom
 I am in far north queensland Cairns way.
 Great to see another aussie here.
Thank you always a pleasure to assist
Regards merete

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mpzqnoAuthor Commented:
I'm in Adelaide now & for the last three years but have spent most of my time in Darwin.

My friend, for whom this question was about, recently acquired a new computer through his insurance after an electrical storm fried his old one. The point is, it came with VISTA pre-installed, also Roxio but no Nero. The old machine had Nero.
His Roxio version does not have the Backup component installed (that's a pay-for upgrade!) - it only has the data disc function. I have Nero but it is incompatible with Vista. Hence my talk of both programs.
Apparently he had the same problem when running Nero on his XP machine. I have emailed him to see if he can recall his settings when using Nero, but I'm pretty sure it is that option to enable additional files that was overloooked & causing him the problem.
Since he lives quite a way away I'll just have to wait for a response. I agree with your Nero preference. Since this friend is an aged pensioner I'm assuming he won't be buying an upgrade to his Nero to suit Vista so I'm going to suggest to him reverting XP  or have a dual boot of XP & Vista where his Nero version will be suitable. I am running such a dual boot with no problems.
Thanks again, Merete!
just a side note for a fellow aussie,
firstly if Nero does not come bundled with rom drive it usually does not work, it has to be bundled with the rom drive that was bought.
And also >>Nero but it is incompatible with Vista<< there is an update you can install that will make it compatible.
Microsoft® Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or later); Windows XP; Windows 2003 server; Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista (except for Nero ImageDrive, Nero Search and Nero Sipps)
Nero runs under Vista (at last!)
Thanks for writing and cheers to you all
mpzqnoAuthor Commented:
Is this really so ....
  "if Nero does not come bundled with rom drive it usually does not work, it has to be bundled with the rom drive that was bought. "
Does this mean I can't just walk into a shop and buy a full retail package of Nero that'll work?  Or a full version download? That I have to buy a ROM drive as well?
Kind regards,
Hi Malcom,
If your Nero installed without the default bundled Rom drive, just any cd rom drive you would have been asked for serial key.
Without that serial key and regestration
The only part may I do say may work is the burning of cd, nothing else. Nero express. But no DVD.
When it comes bundled with the rom drive no seriel key is necessary as the rom drive has an imbedded code that regesters it for you, it the same installing windowxp it also snaps the entire mainboard rom drives/network cards/ hdd /ram etc change more than 3 these componnets in an OEM  windows and its bye bye validation.

You have to buy the Nero plugin to burn dvd,  VCD MOVIES that is...and its a lot cheaper to buy a dvd burner bundled with nero than the Nero plug in to enable dvd burning for movies and VCD.
LG is good.
video cards now come with full Nero ultimate too.
 check out the dvd burners such as LG for the NERO bundel 7 the price is around 120 dollars for all of it including the dvd burner. buy from good pc shops or ebay.
Nero update with previous version is>> 79 dollars

It really pays to read and look ask ask, before buying, there is whole stories about how Nero rips off the unsuspecting.
People get Nero express and discover they cant burn dvd movies or vcd

mpzqnoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Merete.
Maybe I misunderstood you before. I was asked for a serial number when I first installed Nero but that was OK as I had it.
Thanks again,
cool you have no worries malcolm, I may have mis-understood you too. sorry if I invited some stress.
Cheers mate
mpzqnoAuthor Commented:
No worries & cheers!
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