forcing a client to reboot from the server on 2003 sbs?

can you force a reboot on a machine from the server housing 2003 sbs.  I have a xp pro machine and I tried to reboot it while remoting in but it is hanging.  Is there a way to force it from the server
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You should be able to reestart a pc using

shutdown -f -r \\machinename -t 10

-t 10 is a timeout of 10 seconds
-f forces running apps to quit - user could loose work :) PRobably serves them right though

Does this work for you?


Sorry - bit brief - so from the SBS server you

Open Start menu > Run > type

shutdown -f -r \\machinename -t 10

press enter and it should initiate the shutdown for you


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americanmobileAuthor Commented:
no.  I can still see it up using vnc but can not rdc to it.  I think there must be something its hanging on.  It's just a blue screen.  I will have to look at it in the morning but will try that command tomorrow from a working machine.  thanks.

run shutdown /i

that will give you a GUI and allow you to force closed applications on the way down

other wise grab psshutdown from MS and away you go


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