Is there a way to have a page load automatically at 120% size?

IE now has the resizing thing available.  Can we use code to resize 120% when page opens?
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Try this:

window.zoomstatus = 125%

Place it inside on the "OnLoad" or just before the closing </body> tag.
MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
Hey Cyber,

Can  you give me an example of how this would be placed in the <Body onLoad>?

I did a quick google for your question, and it seems I got information from an unreliable source. I have tried the zoomstatus function when I got home, and it did not work. After further searching I have found that the zoom feature is not even located in the DOM for IE7, thus, you cannot determine, nor change the value with code.

There are numerous discussions in regards to this, here is one you may find interesting:


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MitchellVIIAuthor Commented:
That's ok, a "can't get there from here" answer is fine too :)
Glad that helped, hopefully in a future release they will add the feature as it seems to be in demand by numerous developers, along with access to other such features in the new Internet Explorer.
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