Hi experts.
I'm dealing with a problem since this morning. I'm using a gmail account for more that 1 month with outlook 2003 with pop3 connection. It worked fine till this morning. Now I can't send mail from outlook, but from internet from local account from gmail works fine. Gmail uses SSL connections to all port (pop/smtp). When trying to send an mail from gmail I receive and outlook error that says ...that doesn-t support ssl connection. Strange....
Till now I used  with port 995 and ssl connection and with port 587 and ssl ports. I mention again, it worked fine a while.... but now it-s stuck. Did they changed something?

Thanks for help.
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A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorAsked:
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1. Check these important settings:
a. Change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min
c. Uncheck leave a copy of email on server.
d. Try alternate SMTP port number: 25, 465, or 587.
e. Change the outgoing server to

2. If no joy, do you have a firewall blocking the connection?  Email virus checking?  Popup Blocker? Temporarily disable them.

3. Update Outlook to latest configuration. Outlook 2000 should have SP3. Outlook 2002 should have SP3.  Outlook 2003 should have SP2.

4. If no joy, use the Captcha verification to unlock your account

5. See if the solutions here will help

6. If no joy, you ISP may be blocking Gmail server. Use your ISP SMTP server.

7. Gmail server may be slow or is not working.  Try again later.

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A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Cheers war1,
I'm not sure... I'm receiving emails in outlook in that account from gmail...but I can't send nothing. It can't activate
The problem is in different computers not just one...
2 different accounts from gmail are handling the same...
A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
changing the ports doesn't modify nothing. I even check account after modifing it. All ports were opened succesfully...:|
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What is the exact error message?  Did you run the Captcha verification link that I posted?

Your ISP may be preventing relaying, meaning it is blocking all outside SMTP server. Use your ISP SMTP server.
A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Greetings Sir,
I'm posting a link with a printscreen:

The outlook is in italian, so i'll translate to you the essential, but probably you'll figure it out from the error type...

''Error activating ...Sending in progress '' 0x800CCC7d''  outgoing server doesn't support ssl connection. If ssl connection was used before contact an administrator....or check your isp...''

I searched a little through the internet and I saw i'm not the only one with this problem and no sollution...

Thanks war1
For SMTP,try using TLS security and port 587
A. Cristian CsikiSenior System AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Greetings war1,
I did nothing and all. I removed the account, recreated, run different ways with ssl, without ssl, and nothing happened. When I checked the account he opened all the servers, and replyes the welcome message. I don't know. I was busy with somethìng else for half and hour and I left it alone...When i tried again after that Suddenly just worked. With ssl connection, ports 995 and 587 as yesterday. ... Probably was a problem with their servers...or who knows...

Thanks for help.
Best wishes Christian

Some users complain of similar problem on Gmail Help Discussions forum.  So problem is likely Gmail server.
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