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Hello All,

I am relatively new to Linux. I am trying to get it to run a Windows app using WINE. I have wine installed. I have my network shares created and mounted. I have used WINECFG to mape I: to a network share.

I have my ODBC drivers loaded and they connect to the DB successfully. The only problem is that when I actually run the windows app it states it cannot open the DB file. The windows apps expects to find the data and config files on the mapped I: drive.

Do mounted shares act the same as the mapped network drives in windows? If not how do I achieve that functionality. When I try to install Pervasive and it wants to test the network connection, it states the mapped I: drive is a local drive and not a network drive; normally under Windows it is looked at as a NETWORKED drive. I would like to get this working because the alternative, VMWARE defeats the purpose of my goal of moving away from WINDOWS.
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