Access query SQL format into VB SQL format

I want to copy a recordset to excel and the sql statement I'm using for the recordset is based on a query I already had made.  I thought I'd made all the necessary format changes between the SQL statement in the query and the VB code SQL statement but I can't get the VB code to run the sql statement and my best guess is that it is stumbling in the SELECT portion on the fields called Expr1 and Expr2 from the original query.  
Expr1 is getting multiple fields of info converted into 1 field for excel with spaces in between the info
Expr2 is an immediate if-then statement converting multiple descriptions into 2 part# types

the error message i've been consistently getting is "Run-time error '-214721908 (80040e0c)': Command text was not set for the command object."

Here is the code
partSQL = "SELECT tblItemDetail.[Damage Type], tblItemDetail.PO, tblItemDetail.[Supplier / Salvage / Junk], tblEnteredClaims.Pro, _

tblItemDetail!Qty & ‘ ‘ & tblParts!UM & ‘ ‘ & tblItemDetail![Part #] & ‘ ‘ & tblParts!Description AS Expr1, _

IIf([Damage Type]=’damage’,’88888K52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’concealed damage’,’88888K52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’empty_ carton’,’88888K52’,’88888K42’))) AS Expr2 _

FROM (tblEnteredClaims INNER JOIN tblItemDetail ON tblEnteredClaims.Pro = tblItemDetail.Pro) INNER JOIN tblParts ON_ tblItemDetail.[Part #] = tblParts.[Part #] _

Having (((tblEnteredClaims.Pro) = ‘” & ProIn & “’))"
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Did you leave the "group by" clause out on purpose?
efedoraAuthor Commented:
Sorry I should have included that,
I did have this one in but I had tried removing it as part of troubleshooting here it is
GROUP BY tblItemDetail.[Damage Type], tblItemDetail.PO, tblItemDetail.[Supplier / Salvage / Junk], tblEnteredClaims.Pro, tblItemDetail!Qty, tblParts!UM, tblItemDetail![Part #], tblParts!Description, IIf([Damage Type]=’damage’,’88888K52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’concealed damage’,’88888K52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’empty carton’,’88888K52’,’88888K42’))) AS Expr2
What is your exact code where you create&open the connection  and execute the SQL statement?
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Command text was not set for the command object."<<
I would have to guess you are missing the line (or similar):
cmd.CommandText = partSQL
efedoraAuthor Commented:
OK, I think I fixed the problem opening the RecordSet, I  tested it on a table instead of a SQL statement and that worked, I still included that code below. However when I plugged the SQL statement back in I recieved a new error message:
Run-time error ‘-2147217900 (80040e14)’:

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression “IIf([Damage Type]=’damage’,’88888k52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’concealed damage’,’88888k52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’empty carton’,’88888k52’,’88888k42’)))’.

Code to open Record set:

'establishes the Part line recordset
Dim cnn2 As ADODB.Connection
Set cnn2 = CurrentProject.Connection
Dim PARTrs As New ADODB.Recordset
PARTrs.ActiveConnection = cnn2

'establishes Parts line sql statement
PARTrs.Open "SELECT....

'copies the part line record set to the spreadsheet
xlsh.Range("d3").CopyFromRecordset PARTrs

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression “IIf([Damage Type]=’damage’,’88888k52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’concealed damage’,’88888k52’,IIf([Damage Type]=’empty carton’,’88888k52’,’88888k42’)))’.

I don't know if this is your actual code but the opening and closing quotes are different in what's pasted above.

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efedoraAuthor Commented:
Okay, after taking a fresh look at this whole problem I was able to get around the If-then statement issue that was causing the previous error message by creating a new table with the values I needed and then referencing that in the SQL
My problem now is with concatenating multiple fields into one field in order to copy it to excel.  
People have had similiar questions to this and I did what they were instructed to do but now I get no error message but it just not pasting the concatenated statement to excel and I don't know why.
here is the code:

(tblItemDetail.Qty + ' ' + + ' ' + tblItemDetail.[part #] + ' ' + tblParts.description) As partnote
efedoraAuthor Commented:
I solved this one myself the + should be & and everything else stayed the same.  I'm using an ADO database and the people before me who asked a similar question were using DAO.  Thanks for the input on the question.  I appreciate it.
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