Configuring Multi-NIC Cards With Lan and IP

Im using Win 20003k Ent. Server with IIS 6.0 and SQL Server on the same box.  Its a DEV Box so no comments please about it bveing on the same box..  I have two Nic Cards, and 5 static IPs.

I'm using  for the SQL Server  = Works Fine!
I want to use  as the IP that IE Explorer uses when I surf the internet on this computer and ALSO as the IP IIS6 uses exclusively.    My understanding is that with IIS6, all I need to do is configure the host headers to point to port and IP and its done.. HOw to do for IE Exploere for surfing though?    

How do I set this up?  Do I need to configure the host file?  
If so, I need DETAILED instructions as I have never done that before. .    

So Basically, keep one nic operational for the DB and use the other nic for just surfing and IIS.  
Please advise..
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TreyHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The default gateway for the .138 NIC should be blank.
The default gateway for the .137 should be the IP your ISP gave you.
It should use the .137 for any IP destinations  not on your local subnet.

As for IIS, go to the properties for your web site. On the 'Web Site' tab, choose the IP address you wish IIS to use.
kibbsAuthor Commented:
Where is the hosts file anyway?  
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
You dont need hosts file. Just set proper routes for you devices according to my previous solutions.
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