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I have seen some information that pertains to lat and lon plotting in flash, but I have a bit of a different question.  I need to show a map (and I'm going to modify the map based upon various variables and demographics), but I need to allow users to click on regions (this will consist of states or territories in the country) as well as other "lassoed" areas that I will define (where the user can click on a tag or the lasso to get down to that level.  Each time they click the potential will be there to drill down further to deeper resolution of that defined area.

How can I go about learning how to pursue this?  Are there any good resources or examples out there that show how to start and build something like this?  Obviously I would prefer free resources, however if necessary is there some reasonably priced help or instruction for this?
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I dont have enough time to investigate but here is something you might be interested in:

Hope this helps,
gpsocsAuthor Commented:
That does indeed look interesting, but I'm looking for something that is more finite and controlled in the sense that when you click on an area it will zoom to that region and then alter the page contents accordingly.  I'd like to mix it with flash and html.
gpsocsAuthor Commented:
Anymore input on this topic?
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gpsocsAuthor Commented:
Just hoping that there may be some more input here.
gpsocsAuthor Commented:
I'd very much like to see the answer to this question still.  It appears that no one knows anything regarding this...
gpsocsAuthor Commented:
:(  man, can't anyone answer this?
I don't know how to do what you want, but here are some references you might check out if you haven't done so already. Some are open source (listed first) and then some are products.

AFLAX (Ajax and Flash) libraries: http://www.aflax.org/ -- this one was created by the fellow who founded Aptana, the Rails Eclipse/IDE that I am using. This would be the first place I started if I were interested in this stuff. Aptana Studio also has support for Adobe AIR (plus iPhone development)

If you want SWX RPC in Ruby: http://swxruby.org/

Google 3D Map on AIR: http://en.flash-ripper.com/adobe-air-google-3d-map-application/

Flex & some Flash integration with Rails: http://www.flex888.com/2007/09/20/10-flex-and-ruby-on-rails-integration-examples.html

Tutorial - Making an interactive country map: http://www.lukamaras.com/tutorials/cool-design/interactive-country-map.html

Yahoo Maps API: http://developer.yahoo.com/maps/flash/asGettingStarted.html

DIY Map - A clickable, zooming map written in Flash: http://www.backspace.com/mapapp/

Product - customizable flash maps: http://www.mapgui.com/

Product - customizable flash maps: http://www.fusioncharts.com/maps/Overview.asp

Flash maps with drilldown: http://anychart.com/products/anymap/overview/

Custom applications: http://www.lovelljohns.com

Hosted solutions: http://www.micromaps.com

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gpsocsAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.  I do appreciate the feedback after so long.  Even if it is not exactly what I've been searching for, you've gone to extra lengths to help and push this in the proper direction.
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