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Hello experts,

I'm a newbie for sql server but i want to learn it.
So in a few weeks i take a sql server 2005 maintenance course.

Can you guys give me a few good titels from good books ?
Remember i'm a newbie

Geert BettensAsked:
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NightmanConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
I find that the wrox publications are very good (http://www.wrox.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-131384.html)

Beginning Transact-SQL with SQL Server 2000 and 2005 by Paul Turley, Dan Wood
Wrox's SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit by Rajesh George, Lance Delano
Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming  by Robert Vieira
Beginning SQL Server 2005 Administration by Dan Wood, Chris Leiter, Paul Turley

There are more on the site, but those should be a good start

Ved Prakash AgrawalDatabase Consultant/Performance ArchitectCommented:
Administration SQL Server 2005 pocket reference.
Wrox SQL Server 2005 professional
Geert BettensAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the good tips guys.
wrox is probably the best choice. In a few weeks i'm getting my skills up with a basic sql 2005 course.
Which book would you advice me of wrox if i need to learn following:
* Administering and installing sql 2005 server
* Designing databases
* learn how to write select query's on databases
* clustering sql server 2005

Maybe i can start with one book and after that ordering a more prof. book ? Or after i got the microsoft sql 2005 course buying the prof. book immediatly ?

I would start with those 4, roughly in that sequence

I doubt that clustering would be a topic in any of those, so then you should probably look into
Professional SQL Server 2005 Administration (also at that link)
Geert BettensAuthor Commented:

I bought Beginning SQL server 2005 and prof. from wrox
All Courses

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