Add links to pagle dynamically?

I currently have an ultra simple html page that contains some links to some of my favourite sites. I put the links in manually via the html source.
What I would like to do is add the links from the page itself. i.e.
Have a couple of text boxes, one for the title, one for the url and a button to add it to the list.
I click the button and it is then shown in the list on that page.
What is the easiest way to do this?
How do I do it?
Thanks for any help.
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jawahar_prasadConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Step 1:
You  need to create a page with the your text boxes(for title, url and submit button)

Step 2:
In the form action, call the server side page(may be asp or php or jsp page which ever you use) which will update the database with these values

Step 3:
You must query the database and display these links in the page where you want.

You cannot do this with Javascript( in the client side) as this is temporary...
If you want it to be permanent you must use server side scripting...
RickJAuthor Commented:
Do I have to use a "real" database for this?
Can I just read a text file for the links?
Can you provide any code examples?
You can very well use text file...

Which server side scripting you are using???

The complete tutorial on how to create, read files:


Other tutorials:::
In asp:

in PHP:
RickJAuthor Commented:
Hello jawahar_prasad,
"Which server side scripting you are using???"
None, I was hoping to be able to do this client side, obviously not possible. The pages I have are some simple html files not running under any server.
I will most likely use asp, I have most of my experience with this.
Thanks for all your help. The file handling links are a great help.

cool. ok. thank you.
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