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I need a http proxy that will catch requests, and process the data, and after that send the data to the internet without the receiver knowing it was changed. Is it doable ?

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This could be done, yes. For example with the components offered by the Indy package. However, there are countless solutions (even open source and free for any use) on the net, so it might be worth to check google for such. However, making the proxy completely transparent (so that the clients don't have to configure things) would require quite a bit more effort - an out-of-the-box solution like FLI4L or similar might be worth a look.
abrakadabra1Author Commented:
you did understand me wrong. there is nothing wrong for the clients to be configured to use proxy. i just don't want the receiver (eg. http server) to know that the connection is being made via proxy.
abrakadabra1Author Commented:
really... nobody has an answer ??
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