Dynamic online PDF generator.... using perl/cgi out of mysql

Hi There,

I am creating a used car based system for a car dealership.

They would like the ability to create pdf's on the fly from records that they have entered into a mysql database.

The system is coded in perl / cgi so anything that uses this would be excellent?

Anyone have any ideas?
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the__tyrantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the perl package PDF::API2
its on CPAN: http://search.cpan.org/~areibens/PDF-API2-0.59.002/lib/PDF/API2.pm
Will have to install this package through PPM or CPAN module.

Quick little example of this i created a while back that converts txt files into PDF's:
http://asapinc.ca:100/txt2pdf.txt  - ( )

Will also need the config file:
http://asapinc.ca:100/convert.conf (
just save it in the same dir as the txt2pdf script.

scottwilliamwrightAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much!
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