SBS 2000 Remote Access VPN not Connecting from Outside.

I'm trying to get remote access VPN working on a 2000 SBS server which has 2 NIC's but only one enabled. I have a router and the 1723 (PPTP) port is fowarded to the Server. This server does not have ISA enabled and is not acting as a router. It Is servering out the DHCP and local DNS. Every time I enable Routing and Remote Access the Server can no longer connect outside it's self. Does SBS 2000 have to have 2 NIC's for VPN to work.  I've done this in SBS 2003 hundreds of times no problem.

P.S. Just to be clear it's not a VPN tunnel.

Thank for any Help
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Here is a link give this a read. I have used VPN on SBS 2000 with only one nick card and port 1723 opened on the router. It worked fine for me.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Works fine with 1 NIC. Sounds like NAT might be being enabled in RRAS when it shouldn't be. Following article outlines the process, but shows with 2 NICs. As I recall, with 1 NIC, chose configure manually, instead of the VPN option (on server 2000). It will skip most steps, but then you can use the same configuration options to configure manually once RRAS is enabled. Make sure NAT is not added/configured.

Not causing your lost connection issue above, but you also need to allow GRE protocol 47 (not port 47) pass through. On smaller office routers this is done with "Enable PPTP (or VPN) Pass-through". Other routers require specific commands. If in doubt please advise of make and model of router.

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Hank_74Author Commented:
Hey thanks to both of you I found that the problem was with the router. I called DLink's tech support which told me the router was GRE 47 capable but upon a second call it is not. Love me some lower level tech support. HAHAHA. New router no problem.

Thanks for the help11
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks Hank_74.
GRE can definitely be a problem with VPN's and will result in a 721 connection error. However, I don't understand how the D-Link's inability to support GRE would cause; "Every time I enable Routing and Remote Access the Server can no longer connect outside it's self. " Did D-Link shed any light on that ?
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