Need Help With listview Being Populated by Tab Label Control Names in Order of First to Last


Hi I have a piece of code that populates a listview and it works fine. However I notice a quirk that occurs. Let me explain.

The lv is populated by the label control names of a selected tab in another form..form16. In Form16 there are 2 tabs that I have manually created and the user can create as many other tabs as they want.

When the user created tabs populate the listview they list in the order they were created from first to last. When the manually created tabs populate the listview they list as follows:

tab 1 - last to first
tab 2 - all over the place

I checked the Tab Index numbers and they are not the problem so I am lost. Please help.



    Private Sub Form16_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        Dim listitem As ListViewItem
        Dim ctrl As Control
        lsvTabSel.View = View.Details
        lsvTabSel.FullRowSelect = True
        lsvTabSel.Columns.Add("Attribute", 200, HorizontalAlignment.Left)
        lsvTabSel.Columns.Add("Type", 100, HorizontalAlignment.Left)

        For Each ctrl In clsGlobals.Form2.TabControl1.SelectedTab.Controls
            If TypeOf ctrl Is Label Then
                listitem = lsvTabSel.Items.Add(ctrl.Name)
                Dim strLines() As String = ctrl.Tag.Split(vbCrLf)
                If strLines(0).Trim = "L" Then
                ElseIf strLines(0).Trim = "T" Then
                ElseIf strLines(0).Trim = "N" Then
                ElseIf strLines(0).Trim = "A" Then
                ElseIf strLines(0).Trim = "D" Then
                End If
            End If

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PBLackAuthor Commented:
I went in and manually renumbered the index of every control. No change. I don't know what to do to fix this.

What is your problem, list is not poplating at all ? or not adding items from tab which user created? What about items from tab, that already there?
PBLackAuthor Commented:
No it adds fine. I want them to list in the order of the Tab Index number from lowest to highest. Currently the two manually created tabs do not list according to the order they numbered. Don't know how to do this.

you can do many ways.

you can add an invisible column (width=0) and then add
 listitem = lsvTabSel.Items.Add(ctrl.TabIndex)

After adding all items you do sorting (After For Loop)
 ListView1.Sorting = SortOrder.Ascending


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