pu a 'y' or an 'n' in column based on query results.

Posted on 2007-03-27
Last Modified: 2010-04-30
i need to place a 'Y' or a 'N' in a column field after running a query to obtain a serial number based on an order number.

if the query returns results then place a 'Y' in the field, if the query doesn't return anything, place a 'N' in the field.

Question by:itortu
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Assisted Solution

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ID: 18799912
You should be able to use IIF
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Expert Comment

ID: 18800975
You can also do it in your select command

Author Comment

ID: 18801354
if i want to do it in the select command, can this be done in sql server and not in the vb code?
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Expert Comment

ID: 18801398
Yes, either - if you need help formulating it, post the sql string you're using now...

Author Comment

ID: 18801599
i am pasting my query. what i need help with is to figure out how to concatenate an "*" (forget the 'y' or 'n')
to the ord.line_no column if the join

LEFT JOIN bhuserial_number snm  ON ( ord.order_id = snm.order_id AND ord.client = snm.client)

returns any results.

SELECT 2 level ,  
       COALESCE ( hj.rev_val , ord.rev_val ) rev_val ,  
       COALESCE ( hj.reserved_val , ord.reserved_val ) reserved_val ,  
       COALESCE ( hj.vow_val , COALESCE ( SUM ( dis.value_1 ) , 0 ) ) vow_val ,  
       hj.status ,  
       MAX ( dis.deliv_date ) dispatch_date ,  
       -1 item_owner ,  
       ' ' stock_location,  
       ' ' return_action ,  
       ' ' item_class,
       snm.serial_number AS serial_number  
FROM asodetail ord
LEFT JOIN algrelvalue fly ON ( ord.article_id = fly.article_id AND
                               ord.client = fly.client AND
                               fly.rel_attr_id = 'V7' )  
LEFT JOIN bhjpackageviewhighjump hj ON ( ord.order_id = hj.order_id AND
                                         ord.client = hj.client AND
                                         ord.line_no = hj.line_no AND
                                         hj.user_id = ' ' AND
                                         hj.job_id = 84303)
LEFT JOIN algudispatch dis ON ( ord.order_id = dis.order_id AND
                                ord.client = dis.client AND
                                ord.line_no = dis.line_no AND
                                ord.article_id = dis.article_id AND
                                dis.status = 4 )
LEFT JOIN bhuserial_number snm  ON ( ord.order_id = snm.order_id AND
                                     ord.client = snm.client)
WHERE ((COALESCE(CASE WHEN fly.rel_value = ' ' THEN 'NA' ELSE fly.rel_value END , 'NA' ) = 'NA' AND
      ord.kit_type = '2') OR (
      ord.kit_type = '0' ) ) AND
      ord.order_id = @order_id AND
      ord.client = @client          
GROUP BY ord.order_id , ord.client , ord.line_no ,  ord.article, ord.art_descr , hj.rev_val , ord.rev_val , hj.reserved_val , ord.reserved_val , hj.vow_val , hj.status , ord.kit_type, snm.serial_number  

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Accepted Solution

sirbounty earned 500 total points
ID: 18801666
Should be simply:
SELECT 2 level ,  
       Iif(ord.line_no=Null,'N','Y') As [Ord Results]

Author Comment

ID: 18801841
what i need to check for 0 not null is for the srial number
some order will have serial numbers, some order won't

Author Comment

ID: 18801992
in the query below, i  am getting asterisks for orders that don't have a serial number when i should be getting 'unknown'

SELECT 1 level ,  
       ord.order_id ,  
       ord.client ,  
       ord.line_no ,  
       ord.article ,  
       ord.article physical_article ,  
       ord.art_descr ,  
       ord.rev_val ,  
       0 reserved_val ,  
       ord.vow_val vow_val ,  
       ' ' status ,  
       ' ' dispatch_date ,  
       -1 item_owner ,  
       ' ' stock_location ,  
       ' ' return_action ,  
       ' ' item_class,
       (CASE WHEN(
                  SELECT count(*)
                  FROM bhuserial_number snm
                  LEFT JOIN asodetail ord ON (snm.order_id = ord.order_id AND snm.client = ord.client)
                  WHERE ord.order_id = snm.order_id AND ord.client = snm.client) <> 0 THEN '*'
             ELSE 'unknown'
       )AS serial_number
FROM asodetail ord  
WHERE ord.order_id = 897354  
AND ord.client = 'HC'
AND ord.order_id NOT IN ( SELECT order_id FROM bretheader WHERE client = 'HC' )

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