Citrix PS4 - Apps launching on wrong server - URGENT!!!!

URGENT!!!! I have a Citrix PS4 farm with about 10 servers and 2 WI 4.0 servers, all boxes are 2003 standard. I have added 4 servers to the farm recently which could not be logged on to from the WI servers which led me to looking at the XML port being used by the farm.

Seemed to have got it working to start with but all of a sudden published apps / desktops are being launched from servers they are not even published on? eg. If I publish a desktop on server 1, it launches on server 3, it's doing this with all the published apps in the farm.
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Are you using Citrix Secure Gateway along with your Web Interface?

Are you accessing the WI internally or externally (and does it make a difference depending on how you access the site)?
youre1mAuthor Commented:
I'm not using secure gateway, we've got contivity switches and use Citrix over SSL for security. The web interface servers can't be reached from within our network, only externally.

I'm pretty sure this problem is related to the XML configuration. I changed the port from 80 to 8080 earlier and when I rebooted a couple of the servers due to upgrading the AV software it all went wrong.
>> I changed the port from 80 to 8080

Where did you change this?

There would be 2 places to do this.

1. In the config of your web interface
2. in the properties of each of your citrix PS servers

I'm not familiar with contivity switches, but how is your external access configured?  Without CSG the usual way of doing this is natting a public IP to each of your PS servers and then configuring that on each server with the "altaddr /set" command.  In Citrix terms for the WI this would be called Alternate Addressing, but you could also be using Translated.  So are you using either of these, or something else?
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youre1mAuthor Commented:
Ok, sorry about the delay but I've made some progress. Initially I had 6 PS4 servers being accessed via WI, then I built 4 more which could be connected to from the LAN however when I tried to log in via WI it said I had to be a member of the remote desktop users group (domain users are in that group). The servers wouldn't let me log in with a local id, domain admin, user or anything.

I thought this was related to the XML service so I checked the port on one of the working servers and it didn't have one defined, so I changed one of the new ones to match. I also tried one on port 80, and another on 8080. That's when it all got screwed up. Now I've changed them all to no specified port and they work fine from internal but my web interface servers were still redirecting me to the wrong address so I rebooted them thinking they just needed to settle down on the XML side of things too. Only problem now is that when I log in to WI from external it syays: Server Error in '/' Application. HTTP error 404. I've checked the ports on the WI server and it's specified as 80 for XML, 443 for SSL. SG is not enabled.

I would like to apply thye XML port to all servers however I'm worried I'll break them all again so I'm a little apprehensive. Any thoughts are appreciated.
youre1mAuthor Commented:
PS. I'm using translated addresses for all the internal PS servers. All addresses are translated to on the WI servers so that the server names are resolved on ports 1494 &2598.
youre1mAuthor Commented:
And on the WI servers the event viewer is full of the following error:

Web interface at C:/intetpub/citrixwebsite/.../login.aspx

A system error has occurred.  A certificate log in attempt has been made by an unauthenticated user. [Log ID: 9491b1f8]

I've checked the file and it is still there. Seems likely to be the cause.
youre1mAuthor Commented:
Sorry, found the issue, it was port forwarding settings on the contivity switch, our networks department finally admitted it might be something to do with them rather than the servers.

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