FileMaker Database for Call Center Agent monitoring

I work at a small call center with about 40 customer service reps. I am trying to create a FMP database for quality control purposes.

A single supervisor monitors random incoming calls that agents take. While monitoring the call, the supervisor will input the agents name and check a series of Yes/No radio buttons. Example: Yes the agent verified information or No agent did not verify information.

There is about 20 questions on my form and grouped into sections

Obtaining and Verifying Information
Customer Interaction Skills
Proper Use of System

We are an outsourced call center so we have approximately 8 accounts that we work with. I have each account in its own table. Each table has account specific questions that agents are required to ask tied to a Value List of Yes/No.

What I am trying to do is run a daily and weekly analysis report based off the yes/no answers. This can be account specific or overall for all accounts. Example 20 agents verified information and 10 agents did not.

Can anyone give me some direction on how to create such a report? I have some understanding of FMP but not as proficient as I would like to be.

I am using FMP 8.5 Advanced.
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I would export the data from FM Pro to a CSV file and then use Excel to import the data and to report on. Or you could use Crystal Reports. You could use Filemaker but Excel would be better for reporting
It would help to see how you have set up the database, but assuming that all the fields are in one table the find command will help you find the records that have the specific common find combinations. For example to find out how many calls were made by rep 1 . Search the rep field for rep1 and get the found record count. You can copy that result to another table so that you can later write a report with the data. You can also find records that meet multiple criteria , such as rep = rep1 and verifed = yes now you can determine how many records are by rep1 and were verified, etc. By copying the results to another table you can create result entries by rep and get detailed reporting. If you would like an example , send me the database and I will see if I can help...
VassilliosAuthor Commented:
jvaldes, how would I send the database to you? Thanks for the help!
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IF you have an FTP site you can put it there. If you have a account you can use the idisk. or there a number of free sites that provide hard disk space on the net., provides it free... up to 5GB
VassilliosAuthor Commented:
port 21


An example would be appreciated. I'm very much a novice..
I will get one for you tomorrow, I should get a chance then
The file example is at

I didn't use summary fields since it would not be as flexible for the number of things you are testing and it would require portals to get refined counts

All you need to do is add all the tests you want to the script., The script is designed to work with as many Monitor records as you have and as many choices for dealer as you happen to have . I guess this routine could take a while if you have thousands of dealers, but I don't think that si the case.

If you need any more help just let me know, sorry it took 2 days to get back

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VassilliosAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much Gary. That is what I had in mind. I will be playing around with the script. Thanks again.
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