Citrix PS4.0 and thin clients - KEYBOARD ISSUES

I am having a very strange issue on a Citrix PS4.0 server with connecting THIN CLIENTS (these particular thin clients are HP T5520, and they run the linux OS).

The issue is related to the KEYBOARD and certain keystrokes.  When users are in an ICA session, the QUOTES key ( ' and" ) does not function.  However, on the same thin client, if we define an RDP connection rather than an ICA session, there is NO ISSUE AT ALL.

HP has refuesd to be of assistance here, and we have already flashed the thin clients with the latest firmware image that is available.

I have read many forums with users posting similiar issues relating to NUMBERS not working in sessions, but never anything quite like this.  If anyone has seen this before and resolved it, please let me know.

Server stats:

HP Proliant ML350, Dual processor, 2GB memory.
Windows 2003 R2, Service Pack 1.  All hotfixes up to date, save for Windows 2003 Service Pack 2.
Citrix PS4.0 Advanced, all hotfixes up to date.
Citrix farm consists of (2) identical servers, with applications load balanced.  Data collector database is using an MS Access data file (flat file, no SQL).
Users connect to the full Citrix desktop, no publishing of Program neighborhood or PNAgent.


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Michael PfisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had a similar problem with a different brand of thin clients (it was a different key combination, I don't remember which one). Final solution was to call Citrix support and get a hotfix not offically available to fix this specific problem.
I think it came up after installing Hotfix Rollup R02.

Hope it helps,

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