Windows Installer Issue

I am working on a Presario 2700 series notebook and anytime that I right click on the start menu the windows installer loads. Says "Preparing to install...", I have ran several registry cleaners. I cant for the life of me think of why  the windows installer would start on a right click except for maybe a menu items was added to the right click start menu but installed improperly. I dont know what is trying to install it will just appear for about 5 mins and then go away. The system run very slow while this is happening. I have the windows installer clenup utility but am not sure if it will remove my other applications like it warns of. This is the link to that utility, I have also tried everything suggested by AlexJ in this thread, Nothing has fixed the problem so far. Thanks for the help.
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You need to find out what is trying to install, and then get rid of it. Take a look at the Event Viewer (control panel - administrative tools - event viewer) and see if anything is reported.
What happens if you open taskmanager while the installer is running? Does it give you any info on what is trying to install?
accrainAuthor Commented:
No nothing is listed. I have also tried process viewer and still nothing. Just msiexec.exe. I have a feeling that its a botched uninstall of Norton. Damn that Norton. I am trying to run the norton removal utility right now with no luck. Will start removing registry key manually in a min. Can anyone point me to when the right click menu items are stored in the registry.
So you don't know what program it's trying to install? Maybe you could try a registry cleaner (
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HKCR\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers Desktop

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Hi accrain,

>> No nothing is listed.

The event log may contain several MsiInstaller entries with the Description field containing text Detection of product. Did you come across such entries?

More information at:

Windows Installer: Dealing with installation failures:
accrainAuthor Commented:
There was an entry in the ShellExt Viewer from norton that was left behind from the uninstall that was causing the issue. Was able to disable it with that program and everything worked out. Thanks alot... tons of other great utilities on that site as well.
I was just wondering, what, exactly, was the item you disabled? Was it a registry value? If it was, which one? Thanks
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