SQL 2000 SP4 on Microsoft Update Site?

I understand that the "microsoft update" site lists updates for not only, os, but for other ms products such as, office, exchange, sql, etc.

However, I have never seen sql 2000 sp4 show up on servers that needed it.

does anyone know why?

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manually jump on to the site and check, auto updates only brings down critical stuff - you would be better off with WSUS


master_winduAuthor Commented:
we have a process where the techs manually patch their servers every month by going to the microsoft updates site.

we use sms for the desktops.  we dont use wsus.

i was just wondering why sql 2000 sp4 doesnt show up even when selecting "custom" optional or high prioroty updates button.  I have seen other service packs such as exchange 2000 sp3, server 2003 sp2, and i think server 2000 sp4.
hmm well i just confirmed that its all supported but i dont have an answer for you on that
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Dean ChafeeIT/InfoSec ManagerCommented:
"I understand that the "microsoft update" site lists updates for not only, os, but for other ms products such as, office, exchange, sql, etc."

Not true for SQL server. You have to hunt them down for yourself.
One place to do that is to monitor the following:



Microsoft Update is a Web site that helps you keep both Windows and Office current.

• It supports Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 SP3 or later, and Windows Server 2003.
• It provides updates for Microsoft Office XP, Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server.
• It will be used to keep other Microsoft programs up to date in the coming months.

Windows Update is a Web site that helps you keep Microsoft Windows 2000 SP2 or earlier, Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 current. (It also supports the versions of Windows that Microsoft Update does.)

Automatic Updates is a tool that automatically delivers the latest high-priority updates to your computer for both Microsoft Update and Windows Update.

Office Update is a Web site that helps you keep all the programs in the Microsoft Office suite up to date. If you use Office 2003 or Office XP, you get these updates as part of the Microsoft Update service.
SQL Server SP4 is here:


If you are using 32-bit SQL Server and have AWE enabled you also want to download this:


But you can also download this. It is the most recent cumulative patch for SP4. It also has the AWE fix in it.

master_winduAuthor Commented:
Thanks rboy56 but I am aware that I can go to microsofts download site and obtain sql 2000 sp4.  My question was if anyone knew why it did not show up along with all the other updates when visiting the "microsoft update" site.

 The ability to update other microsoft products was why we switched to "Microsoft Update"
SQL Server service packs do not show up on Microsoft Update or Windows Update sites. When I was supporting SQL Server at Microsoft, it was discussed to do this someday but it has not been implemented.

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Hi Windu,

Some times SQL SERVER Service Pack update can hamper your database and the application way it works. So you need to know what has changed in each service pack which would affect your application before downloading it. If they put directly on Windows Update means it is important to make changes.

master_winduAuthor Commented:
dduser. ok, i can understand that reasoning, what confused me though is how other important service packs for apps such as exchange and os are available through the site but sql service packs are not.

i guess i will just go with rboyd56s explaination that for whatever reason microsoft has just chosen not to make sql service pack updates available through their update site.

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