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Good morning,
I need to run a network cable from one office to another, which is about 130 mtrs away.  between the two locations is a large yard with no power points in between. Is there any data cable out there that would reach this distance ? I know that Cat 5e is only rated at arount 90 mtrs.  What about Cat 6 -is this better on distance or is there any other options.

Ps VPN is out of the question due to Very slow upstream.

Thanks V much for any help

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Use wireless. It sounds that there is a line of site and if you are using good point to point antennas the distance should be no problem.
Have you considered fibre... you can cover large distances without signal loss and it is a lot more secure than running copper across a large yard.
You cannot run over 100M over copper cable, no matter what. This is an Ethernet standard and not CATx standard.
Fiber is your only cable choice for longer distances.
Are you planning on just laying it on the ground, burying it, or what across the yard?
Wireless bridge may be an alternative if you have line of sight, roof access, etc.
Free Space Optics (laser) may be another option for very high speed, good line of sight.
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Use Fiber or wireless.

Do NOT use copper (cat5e, cat6, ect..) whatever you do. The electrical characteristics of two buildings will be different. It's simply not worth the risk.

Hope this helps
I would use fibre if possible.  Wireless as a second choice.
JohnAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your comments -
Our budget is quite low, and i think using a fibre cable would be far too expensive.
(not sure on that, but i've herd it is)
Plus i know the company would not pay for a external party to install it, this would mean i would have to install.  How ard is it to terminate fibre etc ?

Wireless - I've had loads of problems in the past, dropping off etc, anyway i don't think i know of any equiptment that is powerfull enough to reach this sort of range.
I'm familiar with the home/office belkin and netgear wireless, thats it.

I think i will just try a run of cat6 cable, even though i know the limits, i've herd of people running this upto 150mtrs and working fine. I can run it along side the fench all the way up to top building, around 130mtrs.

If anyone thinks this 100% will not work then please say so and i will not waste my time.



Wireless should not be a problem for that distance if there is line of sight and you use good, point to point Antennas. The new 802.11 n standard (It isn't completely standardized yet, so you should make sure you get the products from the same manufacturer) also has a somewhat longer range.
JohnAuthor Commented:
OK, wireless is sounding more like the biz now, that's if it will work.
Not quite sure how to go about this though, Could i rig up an external antenna to building A  then connect this to my Belkin router and do the same at the other end.
Or do i need special wireless equiptment for extenal gear.

What you're looking for is a wireless bridge solution. But by the time you buy two bridge radios, external antennas and antenna cable, you could have bought fiber, but I would not recommend just laying fiber out along the fence outdoors. You would have to buy special outdoor rated fiber. Terminating it takes very special tools and skills and is the most expensive part of the run.

Here's an example of buisiness grade wireless bridge kit:

Most wireless routers can be setup as bridges. Just look for routers where the antennae can be easily unscrewed (most I know have removable antennae). Then get directional Antennae with cables and you are set. Here is a link to an example:

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