Unable to View HTTPS site

I have a couple of users who are unable to log on the certain HTTPS sites.
They are prompted to enter their usernames and password which they do but the logon box just prompt them to enter their username and password again. They do this three time and then receive the error message ‘Proper authorization is required for the administration of this proxy. Either your browser does not perform authorization, or your authorization has failed’

If I log on to their PC I can access the site using their username and password with out problem. If they log on to a different PC they still have the same error.

I have tried changing numerous internet explore setting but can not find one which solves this problem

We are using IE6 on Windows XP
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Do you have any firewalls?

And are both computers on the same network and internet connection?

Try upgrading to IE7, and see if the problem persists.
HurelAuthor Commented:
Yes We are behind a firewall but I have bypassed this with the same result
Both computer are on the same network and use the same connection.

I will try upgrading but IE6 works fine when i am logged on as I can access the site on his PC but he can't.
It seems to be something in his profile or IE setting which prevent himfrom accessing the site
Can you backup his profile with USMT (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=799ab28c-691b-4b36-b7ad-6c604be4c595&DisplayLang=en)

then delete and re-create his user account?

If not - work through the ideas here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic5807.html
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Use Mozilla not IE7!
HurelAuthor Commented:
I have just delete the user's profile and created him anew one.
He is able to access the web site OK with this new profile.
If I then copy the NTUSER.DAT from his old profile into his new one he is unable to access the site.
I need to find out how to fixed the old profile as there are a couple of users having this problem so I would only recreate their profilesas a last resort

Firefox is not an option.
You can't really fix a "NTUSER.DAT" file.

You could try deleting the Application Settings for each user (in their profiles) experiencing problems  - rather than re-creating their user accounts...
HurelAuthor Commented:
I know I could just create two new profiles but that doesn't solve my problem long term.
I could create two new profiles and get the same problem a few days down the line.
There must be something stored in the NTUSER.DAT stopping the authorization process.
I have loaded the NTUSER.DAT hive into the registry but do not know which bit would need to be altered to correct this problem or if there is another way to solve it
Are you running ISA server - or any other type of proxy authentication?
HurelAuthor Commented:
No Authentication is done by our firewall. I have ruled this out by bypassing this
Have you tried adding the websites in question to the Trusted Zone?

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HurelAuthor Commented:
Just done it and that has solved the problem.

Look like I was looking for a more complex solution.

Thanks for your help
Great stuff. Thank you.
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