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I have downloaded this utility exmerge and trying to install in the same server where exchange is running presently.

I am getting the following error :
This application has failed to start because EXCHMEM.DLL was not found. Reinstalling application may fix this problem."

Please advise how to install exmerge.
Awaiting your reply

Jinesh Kumar Kochath
Jinesh Kumar Kochath
3 Solutions
Hi Jinesh

Some DLLs are needed as well as the files you downloaded.  They are part of the installation of Exchange Server.

After you download the file, you should extract it to the C:\Program Files\exchsrvr\bin folder (or wherever this folder is in your system).  This is where those DLL files are usually found.

If you then run Exmerge from that folder, it should work.

Jinesh Kumar KochathAuthor Commented:
let me try it out
thanks a lot and will come back to u
Jinesh Kumar KochathAuthor Commented:
same thing, I tried it out same error message is coming even if I extracted the folders c:\program files\exchsrv\bin folder.

also one more thing my exchange program is installed in c:\program files\  and my information store is G:\program files\exchsrvr\MDB DATA, if that is the problem please let me know the same.

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If you have installed Exchange 2000 or 2003 the DLLs should be in that folder.  If it is 5.5 I think they are in the SYSTEM32 folder.  Maybe run a search for exchmem.dll.  Also, check if there is a BIN folder in G:\program files\exchsrvr.

You might want to run exmerge from G: if that is your network storage.  Often the local harddrive on the server does not have enough space to run exmerge.
You can also just copy the exchmem.dll into the folder where you extracted ExMerge to and run ExMerge from there. But the dll should definitely be found in the exchsrvr\bin folder of your Exchange installation folder.
Jinesh Kumar KochathAuthor Commented:
Now it is working fine, but after exported and imported to another exchange my mailbox, I cannot see my emails in new exchange.

Everything was done successfully, please advise is there anything to be performed after importing to new exchange. I want to see my emails from server 1 to server 2
Jinesh Kumar KochathAuthor Commented:
I have found exmerge.log file errors were encountered.
Please find below and give me advise accordingly

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Program, v6.5.7529.0
Start Logging:March 28, 2007   17:34:46
[17:34:46] Logging Level: None
[17:34:46] Reading settings from file 'F:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin\EXMERGE.INI'.
[17:34:46] Reading list of subjects for messages to be selected from file ''
[17:34:46] Reading list of attachment names for messages to be selected from file ''
[17:34:46] List of folders to be ignored has been read. 0 folders in the list.
[17:34:46] Current machine locale ID is 0x409
[17:34:46] Operating System Version 5.2 (Build 3790)
[17:35:08] Accessing Domain Controller 'KAEFERUAE'
[17:35:09] 'KAEFERUAE' is running Exchange Server 2000 or later
[17:35:09] Mailbox '/o=KAEFER LLC/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=KAEFERUAE/cn=Microsoft System Attendant' will be ignored as its DN contains strings in the ignore list
[17:35:09] Mailbox '/o=KAEFER LLC/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Connections/cn=SMTP (KAEFERUAE)/cn={E6D005B2-023C-46B0-8605-CB3C69E5ACA7}' will be ignored as its DN contains strings in the ignore list
[17:35:09] Mailbox '/o=KAEFER LLC/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=SystemMailbox{E6D005B2-023C-46B0-8605-CB3C69E5ACA7}' will be ignored as its DN contains strings in the ignore list
[17:35:10] Found 2 mailbox(es) homed on database 'FIRST STORAGE GROUP/MAILBOX STORE (KAEFERUAE)'.
[17:35:10] Ignored 3 mailbox(es) homed on database 'FIRST STORAGE GROUP/MAILBOX STORE (KAEFERUAE)'.
[17:35:10] Found 2 mailbox(es) homed on the specified databases.
[17:35:10] Ignored 3 mailbox(es) homed on the specified databases.
[17:35:30] Using attribute 'PR_MESSAGE_DELIVERY_TIME' for date operations.
[17:35:30] Merging data into target store. The program will copy only those messages that do not exist in the target store.
[17:35:30] Associated folder data will NOT be copied to the target store.
[17:35:30] Using 'English (US)' (0x409) as the default locale (Code page 1252)
[17:35:30] All mailboxes will be processed, regardless of locale
[17:35:30] Using default locale for all mailboxes
[17:35:30] Initializing worker thread (Thread0)
[17:36:04] Error opening message store (MSEMS). Verify that the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is running and that you have the correct permissions to log on. (0x8004011d)
[17:36:04] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for mailbox 'jinesh.kumar' ('JINESH.KUMAR').
[17:36:04] Number of items copied from the source store for all mailboxes processed: 0
[17:36:04] Total number of folders processed in the source store: 0
[17:36:04] 0 mailboxes successfully processed. 1 mailboxes were not successfully processed. 0 non-fatal errors encountered.
[17:36:04] Process completion time:  0:00:00:33

Jinesh Kumar KochathAuthor Commented:
Please give me an quick update, if some one so that I can sort it out this problem.
awaiting your reply
I think you need to make sure you have "send as" and "receive as" rights in the mailbox stores concerned.  Even if you are a Full Exchange Admin, you do not have sufficient permissions by default.  See http://support.microsoft.com/?id=273642 for details.

Also check that the user is not hidden from the GAL -  I seem to remember this was an issue, but cannot remember why.

You may have guessed that I have been through this already...
Jinesh Kumar KochathAuthor Commented:
Yes it started working, I have created a group called Exchange recovery administrator and in mailbox store properties/security tab added this group and give full control permissions, then it started working fine.

Please advise if I can run exmerge when SMTP service is enabled and server is live and users are on.

If possible let me know.

>>Please advise if I can run exmerge when SMTP service is enabled and server is live and users are on.

Yes, you can, assuming you are importing and not exporting (exporting will work,  but is pointless if it is a live system)
Everything can be done live as far as I know.  Obviously system mailboxes cannot be manipulated but they won't have any mail in them anyway, so no problem!

Glad you got it worked out - when you start out it all looks so simple...

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