Could not load file or assembly .... or one of its dependencies

Hello People.

I have a problem with an ASP page referencing a ,net DLL.

Basically, the DLL that i have created, references another DLL, which is already registered on the server, so when i try to run the new dll i get the following:

Could not load file or assembly 'PrintLibrary, Version=1.0.1944.19210, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

However, i dont know how to go about fixing it.  I THINK this is why i am getting the above problem, correct me if i am wrong.

Any suggestions? No links please, i have looked around already

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I gather you have already tried a unregister / re-register of the PrintLibrary DLL to be sure that it is properly set within the Registry?  The error indicates that the server's registry is pointing to a location of the DLL where it does not exist.

Also if the PrintLibrary DLL is a .NET Assembly - in order to be able to call it from ASP it will have to be registered by the regasm.exe  
aprestoAuthor Commented:
the confusing thing though it that it works fine from a VBS script but i get the above error from ASP? strange?
aprestoAuthor Commented:
In all there are about 7 different DLL's, i reference the PrintLibrary.Dll, and that in turn must reference a number of others - is it necessary to register each dll individually?  Im just confused as to why it works with a vbs script and not and asp page - virtually the same thing
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Difference would be that ASP uses the IUSR account for access - possibly could be a permissions problem?

Good and easy way to rule this out is to try using your NT Authority account in place of IUSR (Only temp setting)

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aprestoAuthor Commented:
>>Good and easy way to rule this out is to try using your NT Authority account in place of IUSR (Only temp setting)

how would i do this?
aprestoAuthor Commented:
It was infact the permissions on the imae directory that i was writting to - your a saint!!! :o)

one more question, quick one

In the dll i am calling an application (an external exe) - if 2 people happen to visit the same page at the sam ime and this app is called at the same time will it error it will it alow multiple intances to be executed? long shot, thought you might know
Yes - ASP.NET is multi-threaded so the exe would be run for each instance and if data returned will only return to the thread that kicked it off.
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