Restore Emails with original Email IDS

Is it possible to restore an email from a backup created with Windows 2003 native backup program whilst maintaining its original email ID?
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When you say windows back you mean ntbackup that you type in run to start a backup.
itsI a normal backup and will restore as it should.

Whjy would you feasr that it will lose original email id ?
ajmcqueenAuthor Commented:
I have found the Email ID changes when you move between folders on Exchange 5.5 so this can happen.
Yes I do mean ntbackup.
Email Id changes . Well ; When I send a mail to you from to your email address on your exchange server it will remain so and will not change. Why would it change ? Thats  a fact and cannot be changed. A back up software ( NTBACKUP) backs up the edba nd the T logs and when you restores the edb and plays the log files. It would not change. In Exchange 5.5 ( E55 ) where did you notice that ? I am very curious. Can you describe.
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ajmcqueenAuthor Commented:
As far as I am aware (the programmer who showed me this has left), we track some emails by their ID in Exchange (currently on a 5.5 server). If you use Outlook to move a message from one public folder to another within the same 5.5 server, the ID of the email changes. This means that you can no longer access the email via mapi with its original ID.
This is untrue. Based on my experience in messaging industry. Even if this message is extracted and stored in a SQL server (NearPoint, from Mimosa an article in it will retain the messageID no matter what you do. if you modify it then the ID will change. Modify means forward it or reply). Back to your original question NT back restore will not touch the message header and there fore it’s not modified. And the recipient and sender email address as I said will never change.
If a software is extracting message and storing it in a different database file then its proprietry and the programmer will help you better.

Cheers !
ajmcqueenAuthor Commented:
I suspect we may be talking about different things here. My understanding is the ID attached to a message by the Exchange server changes (which is what he was using as a tracking method). You may be talking about a generic ID for any SMTP email. I would like to get to the bottom of this as he was adamant, and even showed me in his code, that the ID he was tracking changed if the message was moved between folders. There is a new programmer working on the software now. She's on leave for a day or two but when she gets back I'll quiz her on it. She will have to dig into unfamiliar code but it will be worth it.

Sorry I can't take this any further at this stage.
Ofcourse you can track based on anything you like . X400, X500, and numerous ID which are customized. Like folderID along with messageID. So if moved to a different folder its a changed situation as the combination of folder id and message id is different. You questions was about NTbackup and that does not change anything if restored to same location.

"Is it possible to restore an email from a backup created with Windows 2003 native backup program whilst maintaining its original email ID?"

my email Id is and it does not change.

Over ,
Have a nice day

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ajmcqueenAuthor Commented:
OK - now I see the problem. I guess I have used the wrong terminology. I should be using "Message ID" not "email ID" as this is the email address which of course won't change. I will re-submit this question with the correct terminology and award you the points for highlighting my mistake.
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