SQL Server 2000 VDI Backup fails in 64 Bit architecture


The VDI backup of SQL Server 2000 in 64 bit architecture fails while
creating the instance of CoCreateInstance with the error
REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG. But the exe built in 32 bit was successful in 64
bit architecture.

Any comments on this will be appreciated.
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd start with finding out which class it is that is reported as not registered and check which COM server DLL contains that class. Once that is known, the problem should be solved by registering it like

regsvr32.exe mydll.dll

(don't get confused, the 64bit version is indeed also called regsvr32.exe, see http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=282747 - "Error Message When You Run Regsvr32.exe on 64-Bit Windows")
KanchipuramdeenaAuthor Commented:
Hi jkr,
Thanks for your reply. Registering dll was successfull. But even after registering the dll the backup fails with 64 bit exe.

Loading sqlvdi.dll seems to be problem by the 64 bit exe.
Found the reason for this failure as 64 bit exe cannot load the 32 bit dll by following the url :-
with content
'Why a 64 bit app cannot load a 32 bit DLL while a 32 bit app loads 64 bit DLLs'
Actually, my suggestion was about registering a 64bit version of that DLL...
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KanchipuramdeenaAuthor Commented:
If 64 bit version of that sqlvdi.dll is registered, then will there be a compatibility issues with other dll's with that of the newly registered one. Do i need to unregister the 32 bit sqlvdi.dll before registering the 64 bit sqlvdi.dll. Will this solve the problem????
KanchipuramdeenaAuthor Commented:
I believe there is no way to load a 32 bit dll using 64 bit application or loading 64 bit dll using 32 bit application. Hence closing this question
>>Do i need to unregister the 32 bit sqlvdi.dll before registering the 64 bit
>>sqlvdi.dll. Will this solve the problem????

Both should not interefere, yet to be on the safe side, unregistering shouldn't cause any trouble (unless you are on a 32bit-OS, which you aren't).
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