Can i add more CAL without SBS License Wizard?

Hi all,

I already read another topic with this problem, but it not answer what i need to know. Let me expain:

I manually installed my SBS but stop the process when i restart the server, i promoted him with dcpromo and do the steps of configuration as i want. Everything goes to normal until i need to add another CALs to my server, i can´t do that with administrative tools/licensing because he asking about the SBS Wizard, and i didn´t have it installed.
Then i have tried to reinstall the wizard but it´s not possible because i already do the update of SQL Server and another things, in other words, i´m losing my hope.
Please, someone know a way to add more cal to my server without the SBS Licensing Wizard or formating the entire server?

Thanks for any help that will come, i´m desesperate to solve this problem.
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Well, first, a re-install, as long as you have a good backup of your data, won't take you that long.  That said, you SHOULD be able to try re-installing the individual SBS components.  

Have you attempted to go to Add/Remove Programs, choose the Small Business Server Component, and then drill down to the individual components and Install or Re-Install anything not already there?

Do you mean you never installed the SBS components at ALL?

dcyrilloAuthor Commented:
Hi Adam,

Yes that´s it. I NEVER install the SBS components, and right now i can´t do that. I looking for a work around as a solution, because the administrative tools/licensing it´s there but not allow me to add CALs with that. He wants the SBS Licensing Wizard, but i not have installed this. I already tried to install that but i have a PDC configurated and SQL, and the wizard check this and give to me some errors.

This question it´s more complicate that appears, because i´m looking a way to mess with registry keys or windows components to add 5 CALs without the SBS Licensing Wizard.

Hmm afaik the licensing wizard activates the stuff through the internet. Adding licenses simply by editing the registry probably wouldn't do it.

I'm afraid you'll have to find a way to either install the sbs license wizard or to migrate. I think you can still install the SBS tools. Just start the setup. Not sure if it's on CD1 or 2
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darimmIT Senior Support SpecialistCommented:
Just to clarify here, we're talking about SBS 2003, and not SBS 2000 correct? As the above poster said, you should be able to do the install for just the SBS console from the discs (I believe it's disc 2) in 2003.  The 'normal' licensing proceedure won't work for SBS no matter how you massage the registry (in my experience).  for SBS 2000, I'm pretty sure you would end up doing a reinstall, as I ran into an installation similar to this, and simply couldn't get the licensing to work at all without reinstalling from scratch and restoring the data.
dcyrilloAuthor Commented:
Hi Darimm,

Yes, we are talking about SBS2003. When i have installed it, i choose to not continue the instalation of SBS2003 Wizard. Then, there is an icon that appears in my desktop called "continue instalation".
I already click in this icon, the setup wizard has to check some stuff in windows and then don´t allow me to continue the instalation (because i already installed the last service pack of SQL, because i already done promotion of DC, and some other things...)

There is someone that made this process with success? Really works?
darimmIT Senior Support SpecialistCommented:
I've never run into the wizard giving me a problem w/ the service pack level of SQL, but this isn't exactly something I do routinely either. Is it a possibility to back up your SQL data, remove and reinstall SQL and then run the wizard? I've been scouring KB articles for more information to give you, but it seems that all of them assume you've installed the Server Management Console piece of SBS.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'm not certain, but I suspect you're violating the licensing of SBS.  Backup your data, reinstall and COMPLETE the FULL installation, then restore your data and you'll be fine.
What is the error you get when you try to continue the setup?

Have finished installation several times after installing DC (due to migrating existing active directory) and it worked fine...
dcyrilloAuthor Commented:
Hi Leew,
Backup data, formating and reinstalling it´s not that simple, i don´t wanna do this because its envolve a lot of money for me, i´ll have to pay another company to reinstall my software (that i can´t mess with because a sign contract with this company).

The error message that appears when i try to continue the instalation:

- The SQL server requires SP3 for compatibility with windows 2003 server
- You must be member of domain admins, schema admins...
- it´s not possible to contact all the domain controlers

Let´s me explain: this server already be promoted BDC (backup domain controller) and have SQL SP4 installed. That´s the problem, and i can´t click in the option "i confirm all warnings" to continue the instalation.

I´m losing my hope right now, i think that this problem can´t be solved.
You can NOT have any BDC's in a 2000/2003 network as they simply do not exist anymore. BDC is a NT4 term. In 2000/2003 you only have DC's and FSMO roles.

In a SBS network the SBS server is to have all 5 FSMO roles if I'm not mistaken.

A migration is quite easy if you do a 'swing migration' ( It just leaves the issue you are not allowed to resetup some piece of software. With the swing migration your entire AD will be replicated to the new server, meaning you will not have to reconnect computer and/or recreate user accounts and/or file rights.

You might also want to check the SBS newsgroups on

Vis-a-vis "if you're not mistaken," you are correct:


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You MIGHT have hope if you buy the SBS transition pack - but that's a potentially expensive experiment if it doesn't work for your case.  Otherwise, you dug your own grave by not properly installing SBS.  I know what you want, but I really doubt there's any legal way to accomplish it.  That, sadly, is likely the answer to your question.

The Transition pack is supposed to remove all SBS restrictions and thus allow you to manage the server as a standard server.  I think it costs roughly 1200 + extra CALs.
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