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I have a 2800 series router at a remote location with 2 WIC's. The ISP has provided me with 2 T1 lines but will not bundle them (they have 2 different IP subnets. I need to establish a site-to-site VPN to the main location. Is there a way I can load balance traffic between 2 VPN tunnels?
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billwhartonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you'll need a crypto map configured on each interface and establish a VPN tunnel through each interface. Thereafter, you can set up your routes to the remote network through both interfaces and this do the load-balancing. Not a very graceful solution though
netman70Author Commented:
Once Crypto maps have been configured for each interface, how would I load balance traffic  through the 2 tunnels? How would I configure routing statements for VPN traffic? Am I looking at problems with out-of-sequence packets?

your best bet would to break up the remote network into two subnets and route each subnet over different routes.
So if you have a network, break it into giving you two subnets: - & -

Then establish two routes for each outgoing interface and put in both the above networks on the routes but with different metrics. For routing, all you have to do is put in:
ip route <remote LAN subnet> <remote LAN subnet mask> <gateway which will be ISP's router>

This is a kind of a solution that has to be tried to see how it works. Cisco doesn't have any config examples for this
Did that work out well for you?
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