No monitor display - New computer build

I am in the middle of constructing a new computer from scratch and am having some difficulties.

On computer power up, I verfied that the hard drive is spinning up, that the video card is infact recieving power.  I have also tried two different monitors on the same pc, neither had a signal coming to them, so I removed the video card (AGP 8x) and tried to use the on board video to see if I could get an image...Nothing there.

I removed the hard drive comm cable (Sata) and didn't get any beeping.
I removed the DDR ram chip and got no beeping.

I then proceeded to remove all the non essential equipment and ran through the gammut of typical testing again.

Any suggestions here?

I have an older, but capable DDR ram stick that I am going to try and I also have not yet tried to flash the CMOS.

The only thing I can think of if these two options do not work is that the mother board (ASUS P5PE-VM) is a lemon.
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GeisrudSystems AdministratorCommented:
Hmmm, no POST beeps when no memory installed?  Assuming system speaker is hooked up, I would be leaning toward a lemon MB as well.

Check BIOS to make sure video settings are appropriate, i.e. onboard vs AGP enabled.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
Just because the system does not post or get a video display does not necessarily mean a bad motherboard.  w/ no post beep, it can be a bad mobo, bad CPU, or low voltage/bad power supply.  

If you are getting any beeps of any kind, could be bad ram...or bad video (bad video seems to be less likely since you tried onboard as well as a video card).
r_johnstonAuthor Commented:
The CPU most likely is operating fine as the heat paste is spread evenly on the heat sink (previously was in three seperate strips on heat sink) and it has a dark gray hue to it now, which would be an indicator of heat.

The power supply is brand new and should be more than capable of handling the load of one HD and MB...

Now that I am thinking about it, I do not recall reading anything about an onboard speaker for this mother board....I think I may have to jury rig a speaker up to it and check that there is no beeping.

There was one other suggestion that I recieved from the company that I purchased it from.  That was to make sure that all of the mounts have the isolating washer installed on them.  There was one that I didn't do because I had a heck of a time getting the mount in and didn't want to remove the mount again to put it back in.  The mount was difficult to get in because the hole was either not threaded properly or it was just a bit too small for the mount.
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r_johnstonAuthor Commented:
Another note...I can't check ANYTHING because there is no display for me to work with...whatsoever.
WakeupSpecialist 1Commented:
One other thing to remember is that just because it is new, does not mean it is good.  As you can see here trying to post this machine (sounds like most if not all is new)

Again no video/display: You dont need any drives to have a display, or any peripherals.

Just build it bare bones.  All you need to test to get a video signal is this:

Motherboard, Power supply, CPU, ram and onboard video or video card.

That is it.  Try it that way.  Take it down to bare minimum and go from there.  You may check for the motherboard shorting on the case.  Also make sure you have ALL of the required power connectors plugged into the motherboard.  20/24 pin power, 4 pin 12volt (AKA: Pentium 4 power plug of which P4's are not the only ones with this plug anymore) and lastly some motherboards require the 4pin molex power connector.
r_johnstonAuthor Commented:
Okay, here is what I have tried since the last post.

I have been working with barebones assembly in order to try and trouble shoot this...
I also installed the speaker from my old system which i know for a fact works...because it was pulsing when my boot sector crashed on my old system...

I was working with the on board video first off, along with the new ram on the new mother board and cpu.  The video was not responsive with this configuration.
I then tried to swap the ram for my known old good ram, still no response from the video.
I then put in the new video card, and still no response from the display.
Then I put the new ram back in and again got no response.
It should be noted that for all of these above configurations i also tried two different monitors, a crt and a flat panel.

The next step was to see if i could get the mb to beep the do this i removed the ram module and fired the system beeping.  Then i put the module back in, removed the hd, no beeping.

I flashed the CMOS several times during the course of this testing.

The MB mount was fixed as soon as i got all of the above testing was done with all six of the mounts isolated.

I also made sure that all of my power connections were secure and installed, ie the 4pin 12volt and the 20pin.  What is the molex power connector? And can you tell me if my motherboard needs it (Asus: P5PE-VM) ?

I am beginning to think that it might instead be a processor issue...  The only way I could know that is if anyone knew if the mother board would still issue a beep signal if the processor was no good or if it would be incapable of processing that signal because the processor is fried?
there is a lot more bad mobo's than cpu's, so i would try another mobo first.
are you sure you were properly grounded during the building? otherwise electrostatic can have destroyed parts.
r_johnstonAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I was grounded.
r_johnstonAuthor Commented:
Still waiting from official response from the manufacturer...I am thinking it is the MB, going to evenly distribute points here as it was basically an inquiry on my part.
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