Open/Save Excel file prompt in IE7

If you've previously unchecked the option in IE7 for 'Always ask before opening this type of file' when downloading an Excel Spreadsheet, where can I 'recheck' this option so I will again get prompted when I am accessing this file type?
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TheTechGuysNYCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello flipz:

In Windows XP

1. Double-click My Computer, and then click Folder Options on the Tools menu.
2. Click the File Types tab, click a specific file type (for example, Microsoft Excel Worksheet) in the Registered file types box, and then click Advanced.
3. Click to clear the Confirm open after download check box, and then click OK.
For next time, just let us know what OS you are in. I assume Windows XP, but I could be wrong.
flipzAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I'll remember to post OS next time - I guess I just assume most are using XP these days!
I also had the same problem on a Win 2003 server and this tip fixed it.
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