Status of Raid1 drives in a HP Proliant Server

Working with an HP Proliant ML330 server with Raid1.

I have worked with Dell servers in the past and they have a utility that lets you check the status of both drives - i.e. are they running in a healthy state and fully mirrored.

Is there a utility or way to do that with a HP proliant server?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Yes, check the HP ProLiant Array Diagnostics Utility for Windows

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The controller does a background read-only check if the disks are not busy and if there is a read error or the disks do not match it attempts to clean this mismatch and if it can't it puts lights on. If one is red a disk has failed and if one of the arrow LEDs is on it's doing some kind of repair. It will report most messages if you open the array configuration utility and you can get more information by running the array diagnostic utility, both under (HP or Compaq) system tools.

I don't think there is a way to force it to do a consistency check except by making sure the disks are idle as far as the OS is concerned.
Tomster2Author Commented:
I downloaded and installed the Array Diagnostics Utiliy.

Under the physical drive info, at the end of each drive section... it shows "Drive Error Log: No errors logged".   Which sounds comforting.

However, at the very beginning of the report under Slot Summary It inidcates "SCSI Port 1 Drive ID 0 is not stamped for monitoring".   Does this mean that the "no errors logged" message is because the drive monitoring is not turned on?  If so, how do I resolve.
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The latest firmware for your drives should enable drive monitoring for you, once applied...
Tomster2Author Commented:
Also tried setting up the HP Array Configuration Utility - but that is just opening the browser (IE) and advising that the "page cannot be displayed".
I believe that has to do with your security settings...been a while for me since Ive seen it...Andyalder should be able to help you there...
In the case of this server, The ACU will only work if you have a SmartArray card installed.

The ACU, works as a webpage on the local host, some times the security settings of the system can block the page.

If you don't have any type of Smart Array card, then, there is no software to monitor the drives.
Drive ... not stamped for monitoring.

I don't know what it means but the solution according to the manual is to go into the ACU, change tha array accelerator settings, save, change them back to what they were.

Aparrently it happens sometimes when a replacement disk is inserted, it's pretty poorly documented at least publically.

ACU page cannot be displayed is probably IE security settings. Might be best to reinstall the systems management homepage and the ACU and browse to
Tomster2Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies.   I won't be able to get back to it for awhile, so I am splitting the points rather than let this hang open any longer.
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