Visual Studio 2005 Crystal Reports multiple datasets iteration

I am developing a program in Visual Studio 2005, using VB.NET 2005. Back end of the program is SQL Server Express 2005.
I am hoping someone could help me how to design a report using Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2005.
I have two Tables
ControlWorkSheet and JMF
--> ControlWorksheet has data for each Test Sample
--> Each Test Sample is associated with a Unique JMF Number
--> Typically for each Test Sample there are 4-5 tests done and saved in ControlWorkSheet Table as TestA, TestB, TestC, .. etc
--> The report i have to make should show data for Each TestA, TestB, etc in a column, Next to it a column of Values associated with the Unique JMF Number and its associated values from the JMF Table

Sample report should look like below

TestA   JMFValues     TestB    JMFValues    TestC   JMFValues etc
abc       def                 ghi             jkl               mno      pqr
123     456                  789           101             121       134

When the user selects Tests for SAmple
I can find out all the tests associated with the sample here for example TestA, TestB, etc
from that i can also find out the Unique JMF number assigned to that particulat TEstA, TestB, etc

When i pass the dataset to teh crystal report, how would i pass the values for 4 Tests and 4 JMF values when i am using one dataset for example here "dsControlWorksheet" and "dsJMF", because the values i drag and drop onto crystal report are the same in how ever many tests A,B, C may be

How would i iterate threw the 4 Tests and iterate threw the JMF Numbers datasets and pass them to crystal report so that it can show the report like i tried to show above.

Any and All help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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What do the tables look like?

Can you link them?

vamshi25Author Commented:
ControlworkSheet Table has 122 Columns and JMF Table has 112 Columns. Column datatypes are all kinds, Floats, VarChars, Ints, Date/Time etc.

JMF Table is a static Table, values are predefined and populated. Its more like a reference table against which the TestA, etc values are checked.

Yes you can link them in Many to One Relation between Controlworksheet and JMF Tables (TestA, TestB, TestC etc may have the same JMF Number) or Many to Many Relation (TestA, TestB, TestC etc many each have a different JMF Number) because every controlworksheet ROW which is a test, i have one Column which is JMFNumber, JMFNumber is the primary key for the JMF Table.

Thank you mlmcc for taking time to help
Is there a single record per test?

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vamshi25Author Commented:
ControlWorkSheet Table has a unique single record for Each Test. The primary key has the information of the sample and what test number etc.
So Yes, There is a single record for each Test. Each Test has a unique JMF Number as one of the columns in that SINGLE RECORD FOR EACH TEST.
You can build the report against a query that joins the tables

Crystal works on one record at a time so you really don't iterate through records.


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vamshi25Author Commented:
Thanks for your help, VS2005 walkthroughs helped.
Glad i couldhelp

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