"Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection." How do I fix this issue?....

At work I have a Windows logon account called username 'bullwinkle' and a password called 'moose'

The IT dept has set up a new machine for me so I can setup IIS with a virtual server to an application I wrote that collects data. The application works 100% fine on my development machine. On the new machine it works great up until the point at the end where I have to connect to the SQL db for writing the data.... then I get the following error:

      "Login failed for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection."

***I would like to emphasize the fact that:

1) there is no username that shows up in the error... only an empty set of commas ' '
2) SQL server is already set to 'mixed' mode

The IT SQL Server guy gave me the user name and password that allow writing and reading from the SQL database for the application I wrote. The username and password he gave me for this is username 'batman' and the password is called 'robin'. However, there is no account on the new machine for 'batman' to logon with.... only my 'bullwinkle' user account will allow me to logon.

I told the IT guy that the new machine needed an account setup for 'batman' and the pasword setup to 'robin' .... this will allow me to use the Windows logon account of 'batman' and password 'robin'. Having IIS set to use Windows logon will then fall back on this 'batman' account----which is the same account and password that is set up with permission to access the SQL Server dbase.

At the moment, the error occurs when I am logged in with my 'bullwinkle' account----but the SQL Server permission to write-read from the database is only authorized for the 'batman' account---which doesn't exist on the new machine.

Am I correct about insisting there has to be a 'batman' account in order to have an existing Windows logon account that will also have permission to write-read to the SQL Server?

Help. ..... many thanks.

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current user logged into the computer/pc/server doesnt have access to the sql databse.
get an adminstrator to give accesss to database.
ignore my first comment.
1) i think the connection string used trucsted connection. you might need to change it in the application so that it uses the choosen user/password.
>>>batman' account in order to have an existing Windows logon
2) if u use a windows authenication (i hope that what is what u meant) then not neccsary to setup a sql authentication account eg batman.
again u need to check the application code for the connection string to see how it connects to the database.

check sql server logs and event viewer failed logins. then u will know what failed for whom. If that information is not there then u need to select (tick) this option in sql server properties.
jazjefAuthor Commented:

here is my connection string as it is in the application....

        Dim conPACBEW As New SqlConnection
        Dim sConnectionString As String _
        = "Data Source=ABSQL;" _
        & "Initial Catalog=ABINCOMES;" _
        & "Integrated Security=SSPI"
        conPACBEW.ConnectionString = sConnectionString
        Return conPACBEW

Does this connection string info give you any additional insight or suggestions?

That's a great idea about having them look at the logs... that will give me more specific info.....

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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Since you are using anonymous login, your best bet is to use SQL Server authentication instead of Windows Authentication.
try if this helps

        Dim sConnectionString As String _
        = "Data Source=ABSQL;" _
        & "Initial Catalog=ABINCOMES;" _
        & "UserId=Batman;Password=Robin"

and later if the above works u will have to learn to encrypt the connection string.

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jazjefAuthor Commented:
thanks a ton Wizilling! Your solution worked perfectly right off the bat....
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
You are welcome.
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