Oracle DAC error "ORA-12547:TNS:lost contact

"ORA-12547:TNS:lost contact" is specifically the error I get , there is also some memory errors in the 2003 windows server event viewer , I dont have the exact error in the windows event viewer but i will post it here soon, could this error be realted to memory errors ?, I have another box that runs this fine and has a very simular config and has no errors at all . the database is a Oracle 10g and has no timeouts set , the connection is  set to NEVER timeout on the oracle side  
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you should post all you have... this can happen for many reasons
What is Oracle version?
I have the feeling that is rather bugy.
I also met this error but soon it desapears.
SujithData ArchitectCommented:
Anu restriction for nodes in sqlnet.ora?
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kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
no restrictions on sqlnet.ora and the version is 10.2.x oracle ,

what kind of log files ect do i need to post , I am VERY new to Oracle so you will have to forgive me
If the error disapears after some time
then ignore it. I have the same situation
with - it happens some times and after 10 minutes the message disapears.
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
what i have here is 3 servers and server A has this issue server B and server C do not . server B and C have a large paging file on the D drive , server A does not it has a small paging file on the c: drive and has the error on it ,

my plan is to further anylize the two servers that work aaginst the one that has the error , what i could use is some advice on what specifically to look for , there is alot of variables to look at oracle versions and parmaters, DAC and JAVA versions , inforamtica versions and configs and then there is system stuff like the paging file and who the hell knows what else the next thing i am going to look at is full duplex on the nic ect points given for ANY SUGGESTION ON WHAT TO LOOK FOR

this server is running oracle DAC, Oracle 10g and informatica has about 12 gb of ram and a faast processor ect.  
10.2.x has no meaning.
SQL>select version from v$version;

If this is then be aware that I am unsatisfied by this
version - it causes me too much troubles.
I also run in your problem - but it apears only for 10 minutes and disapears.

>>what i have here is 3 servers and server
Ok, but every Oracle installation hat its own version.
Please share the versions (if you are allowed by internal rules
of youir organization).
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
ok will do , as soon as I can , right now I am configuring the page file to be the same size
kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
i am not sure who to give the pionts to , but here is the ultimate issue the database  was in a location in boston we are in dc , there was a lot of miscommunication on this fact , but after much digging i fould out this to be at least part of the issue . the servers also ran SAV anti virus , i had stopped the av from scanning in and out bound fiels but did not actully shut the service  off, and this had no effect is stil got the ora errorNext I excluded the dac program files from the sav scan  the ora error what not apperant after this change however some other connectivity related errors started to occur in the DAC. I will post more as i know it .
1. Check for firewalls and antiviruses and not only stop them, the antiviruses should be deinstalled.
2. If the installation was done with turned firewall on possibly it is damaged. new installation is the best solution.
3. In LISTENER.ORA you should do STATIC registration of the service. I have posted hundred times how to do this - find me previous postings
4. Try to change the NIC (Network Card) of the computer -  curiously sometimes this helps.

I do not agree to have an Oracle instance in Boston not working properly - my son  graduated Tufts and is working there, so I will help to reinstall the instance but will get it working :))))

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kaos_theoryAuthor Commented:
thanks step 3 and 4 were helpfull in resolving
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