What is cheapest way to set up wifi for motel?

Motel is set up in an "U" shape.  There are 20 rooms all together.  The main office is on the tip of one of the legs.  There is an 2nd floor with an balcony over the main office.   There are no 2nd lvl rooms.  All are ground lvl.

We hare having high speed cable installed next week.  I would like to use a normal Linksys or netgear router to  give wifi to all the rooms.  We have a budget issue.  Is there an cheap out door omni directional antenna that I can get and mount out door corner of the roof of the motel to give wifi access to all the rooms?  I would like to run a cable though the wall to where the modem/routter will be.  Would one of these home devices be enough with that kind of antenna?
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I've used Linksys WRT54GL model with DD-WRT firmware installed for similar situations.  The router will run you about $60, and the firmware is opensource.  The firmware will give you added functionality, including being able to boost the radio gain.

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mrchaos101Author Commented:
what about using an out side antenna?
>>what about using an out side antenna?<<
High Gain outdoor antennas are pretty expensive. If you are on a budget, put a few wireless access points around the buildings. For best results you will want to run physical cable to the locations of each AP. I've used Wireless extenders/repeaters and for offices/motels they tend to lose connection more often than you would like. Linksys routers/WIFi AP's are pretty cheap (around $60-$80 each).
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Get a three or so aps and run cables to each in three different locations.  Cabling is cheap if you do it yourself.  Then just put the aps on three different channels and you should have decent coverage.  But you get what you pay for.

mrchaos101Author Commented:
What I was looking at doing was using an Netgear router OR an Linksys router

and hook an cable to where the antenna goes... then run clb out side to corner of building and put an high gain antenna at that location.  Cable would need to be 20-30feet in length.

Looking for some sort of solution this way.
google is a great resource for you to find the cable you are looking for.
for your information external wifi antennas dont have to be expensive there are a number of places selling them on the internet for very little.

I would sugges that you use one linksys wireles router or similar configured with DHCP etc as the main router, no other wireless access point is required. most of these boxes have two antenna's.

you can then buy two omni-directional outdoor antennas 15dB gain ish. plant them outside o the walls somewhere, about 10m apart. run some cable up to them as low loss as budget will stretch to. connect your new antennas to the back of the box and the job is done.

by configuring some form of security on the access point you could then charge for the use of the wireless to help get back some of the funds.

hope this is of some use.

try looking at some of these sites for antennas and cables etc.


these are just 2 websites I know of.

try a gogle search and I think that you will be surprised how much you find.

good luck, and I hope you find the answer you are looking for.

If neccessary you can locate some decent high ish gain antennas indoor's.

Running a second AP would not be a problem either, especially if as already mentioned you run all the cable yourself. By configuring all the AP's the same, SSID, security settings, etc but with different channels users will be able to access either access point and roam freely.
I am a Linksys Technician, and Would Recommend you to use WRT54G v.8 Router with a Couple of Range Expanders / Access Points Installed. The router supports a range of upto 60 - 80 Feet ( Practically ). We Also Have another Router WRT300N ( the LAtest Technology ) , But unfortunately, the range expanders don't work really good Since there is No N - Band range expander available in the market right now. The N-Series Routers, even then, have got upto 3 times the range of the G Series router, and have a 3 Year Warranty and Telephonic support free of charge ( As if today - Who knows about the future ).
We all are a team of CCNA's / CCNP's and have an onhand Working experience of more than 3 Years on wireless Routers.
The Performance of N series router is amazing, specially if your Laptop has an N-Series card. The best part is that it supports B series and G series cards Both, that come built in with the Laptops as if right now, alongwith the New N-Series ( offcourse ).
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