Putty keyboard / terminal configuration for Solaris

I would like to know how i could make putty works well with solaris.

I made Backspace key work.
But Up & Down keys don't work.
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vamsi_ukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you say up and down arrow keys i take it that you are talking about getting previous executed commands.. is it what you are asking about? If thats what you are asking for all i could think now is the shell you are using that doesnt have command history feature. You can use bash shell if you want to do that. The default shell that comes with solaris doesnt let you get the previous commands just by using up and down arrow keys.
nrigaudAuthor Commented:
The shell is ksh.
and the history command works.

when i press these keys, i got:
Up : ^[[A
Down : ^[[B

Is there a way to bind the arrow keys to the history ?
you can press "ESC -" to see and execute the previous commands
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You can even do the following:

Esc + j   <--- moves down the command history
Esc + k <-- moves up the command history
What version of Solaris?

If you are on Solaris =>9, then bash comes as standard.
nrigaudAuthor Commented:
ESC + j or k or - don't work.

it is SunOS 5.8 in fact :/
i think i'll use bash.
Refer to this link to see about command history of k shell in solaris 8. The above mentioned commands work on solaris 10. So maybe its not the same in solaris 8.

ksh (and bash for that matter) have two types of command line edit modes, emacs and vi.

emacs is the default.

If you prefer vi (like most people), you need to do

set -o vi

Then you can use the Esc - and Esc + etc.
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