C# - TAPI Question

Hi guys 'n gals,

I have a phone line attached to my computer's modem, I would like to make a bit of software which will, detect when a phone rings up the line connected to the computer, and tell me the number of the caller. Anybody have any ideas on this?

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Use the CallNotificationEvent() to capture the CallerID...  This example is in VB.Net but could easily be converted to C# >:)


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Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the link, it's quite a large bit of code in there doing numerous different things, am I right in assuming I only need the following?

Import TAPI3Lib

        Private Sub CallNotificationEvent()
            ' here we should check to see various notifications of new and ended calls

            Select Case CallNotificationObject.Event

                    ' the notification is for a monitored call

                    ' the notification is for an owned call
            End Select

        End Sub

and merely, convert that to C#, or do I need more for what I am trying to achieve?
This is the event handler portion that you would need as well to process the event:
        Private CallInfoObject As ITCallInfoChangeEvent
        Private Sub CallInfoEvent()
            ' here you can extract information from the call

            'the code to extract the caller ID
            ' >>> put the following code in a try block and swallow the exception if it gives errors
            Dim CallerID As String
            CallerID = CallInfoObject.Call.CallInfoString(CALLINFO_STRING.CIS_CALLERIDNAME)

        End Sub
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Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:
Sorry to sound a bit daft, but what triggers the function call when the Modem is contacted by an outside phone line? Should I have something checking the status every few seconds, or how does this work?

the code example that wz on codeproject creates a "listener" that connects to the TAPI... so you should not need anything more there...
Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:

Just to let you know, I haven't forgot about this question, I've just been quite a bit busy, I will hopefully to get to close this question off this evening, if everything goes smoothly.

Thank you for your patience thus far.
Cyber-DrugsAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long to get around to accepting this question, I've been a bit busy with a few other things, thanks for your patience. :o)
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