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BGP with two default routes

I have a router with two BGP sessions with two upstreams, one provider sends full routes and the other only sends default.  Can I add a line in the config to specify a static second default route with a higher metric, so if the first bgp default route ever went down, it would read the second static default route to the other provider?  Or will that cause chaos?
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1 Solution
Sure you can do that:
ip route 200
where is the next hop and 200 is the "distance." the distance for EBGP is 20 so if that default disappears then the floating static route will take over. If the BGB default is via IBGP (from another router is the same BGP AS) then make the distance 210 because IBGP distance is 200.
Distance has nothing to do with metrics by the way, it's a cisco-proprietary parameter to let it prioritize between different routing protocols- exactly what you want to do.

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