Different displays of the page on different monitors

The display of the Page I am developing is okay on my laptop on all browser. On my other computer mit flatt monitor just in IE, not in Firefox etc. on other pages than the start page the Links and the content are shifted down! This also happens by another person who is testing the page. She also has a flat monitor and just in IE can't see the pages correctly. This is the url of the page: www.sichtart.at/index2.html. The only difference between the start page and the rest is the <Div> tag, which contains the pictures.
Would be very greatful for any help. thanks  
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ThinkPaperIT ConsultantCommented:
What exactly is different when the other person tests it? How does it look different? Are you both using the same versions of the browser?
Is the screen resolution different?
ShareeceAuthor Commented:
In the other person's computer are also the menus on the left of the page and the actual content shifted downwards, like my PC. I am not sure which browse is she using, but me myself am using the same version of WinXP on my laptop and my PC. and the only difference I can find is the kind of the monotor. Really extraordinarily! I can't understand it! thanks
Hi Shareece, what exactly do you need help with?
If you are experiencing some weird rendering and want to get it fixed, we need to know the specifics so we can reproduce.
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ShareeceAuthor Commented:
Hello klykken, what I need is just fixing this problem so that the page works correcly in all common browsers and systems, even the reason of this problem to fix it. I haven't still installed the latest updates of XP on my other PC. But I think many people don't do it also. This page has to go finally online on monday. And it must work! I am really helpless ...
Steve BinkCommented:
I've looked at the page in several resolutions but do not see any differences even down to 640x480.  An example of what is going wrong would be mighty helpful in this regard.

I do not believe your issue is related to the type of monitor.  User agents render HTML based on certain style properties and overall screen resolution...both are software controls.  You may get slightly different colors from one monitor to the next, but the rendering differences are more likely due to differences in the browsers being used.

From your basic description, this sounds like the IE clear bug, but that is only a guess.  Please provide more information on what is going wrong.
This is a CSS problem, not a monitor problem.  Try zeroing out your margins and paddings in the content section to see if that changes things for you.
ShareeceAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answers. I have put a screenschot of the page in another computer hier: http://www.sichtart.at/html/test.html. This is the way that the page is displayed in my pc and unfortunately on clients computer too.
I think it is better for me to repromgramm the page completely.  Woul be greatful for some hints about the programming of this page? What could I do better or more correct for such a layout? Is that better to put all the Divs within each other? I mean a main div and header and footer etc. within it?
With thanks and regards
ShareeceAuthor Commented:
Okay, I think the older versions of IE have a problem with <div id="picts">, the div which contains the small pictures on the top of the page. I put the 4 pictures also on the start page, and this downward shift happened to this page too. Is there a solution for this problem? Something like: <!--[if lte IE 6]><style>#picts ....
Good find.  Unfortunately, IE adds extra width to floats and you would need to apply "display:inline;" to the proper floated divs.

However, your code is a mish-mash of invalid markup.  I noticed you had classes and IDs of the same name.  If you are willing, I would suggest adapting your code to anyone of these layouts: http://www.code-sucks.com/css%20layouts/

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