Communication between two gateways.

I have two routers on my network both of which act as gateways, I am wanting to make sure that traffic that is meant for PC's attached to the other gateway actually get there currently they don't
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Keith AlabasterConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
OK, here we go..... this reflects my words of caution. Ate the VPN subnets being assigned part of the subnet or are they outside of it? You mentioned previously that you are using class C subnet masks so anything other than 10.0.0.x is going to be classed as a subnet change. Do the workstations know the default gateway to use to get to the subnet assigned to the VPN?

ie the workstations that point to the second router as their default gateway need a static route to the first router for traffic returning to the VPN subnet.

                                                          internet 1                       internet 2
                                                                 |                                    |
   vpn users on subnet--- router1                          router2
                                                                 |                                  |
                                                                 ------  switch --------------
                           ----------------------------------    internal LAN ---------------------------
                           |                                                                                                   |
                users point to gateway                                           users point to gateway
                                                                                                              static route
                                                                       route -p add mask


You need to either configure routing protocols on your network. Somthing like RIP OSPF or IGRP.
or you need to setup static routes on router 1 for the networks connected to router 2. and vice versa.

otherwise all the traffice for the other networks will follow the default route configured on each of the gateways.
dwelldonAuthor Commented: is used for email and vpn access is use for internet connections

So they are on the same LAN subnet.

Would I need to enable RIP in on the LAN ports of the routers.
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dwelldonAuthor Commented:
would I be best putting each router on is network on the same subnet

ie. and on subnet and set a route between the two
yes that would be best.
but each router on its own subnet and then setup routes between the routers.
It sounds like you want some hosts to exit via one router and other hosts to exit via the other router. Is this correct? The individual hosts need to have their default gateway configured to the appropriate router's IP address. Right now based on what you want,  I would say you don't need to configure any routes between the routers or readdress anything. Are the hosts pointing at the correct routers?

If you want to direct some types of traffic to one router and the rest to the other regardless of the IP address, then it gets a lot more complicated...
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Just to be slightly cautious here....

Both of these routers have individual connections to seperate internet connections or join up upstream and use a single connection?
Is there an interconnect between the two routers? What Make & Model are they?
I am a little bemused why devices wouldn't be able to talk across from one to another as both routers are on the subnet therefore broadcasts should be seen on all devices. ie if data arrives on the interface it will also arrive at the interface (although it make me discarded).

Are the static routes (if you have any) identical on both routers?
Do you have any other internal subnets besides the

dwelldonAuthor Commented:

   Each router is has its own ISP
   DLINK DFL-200 and DLINK DSL-G804V

dwelldonAuthor Commented:
No other subnets apart from

The problem is that when people connect to the VPN via the DFL-200 they can't hop onto any machine that is using the other router as its gateway.
If all the PCs are in the same subnet and have the same subnet mask configured, there is no reason why they should not be able to talk to each other, regardless of their default gateway. The default gateway is only used when you leave your subnet.

Please verify that they all have the same subnet mask and are in the same subnet, regardless of gateway..
Ahh, yes. I misunderstood the problem. If the proboem is that outside VPN users can't get to workstations that point at router 2, create a static route on router2 as keith just described.
dwelldonAuthor Commented:
I will give that a go many thanks.
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