Samsung LCD disassembly

I need instructions on how to dissassemble a Samsung Syncmaster LCD.  Actually, I just need to take off the rear housing panel.  I don't see any screws!?  Pictures are worth a thousand words, but a clean description will do just fine also.
dreinmannIT Business Architect - Supply ChainAsked:
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michkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Don't know your specific model.  Find it here and look at the service manual:

Basically, you insert a paint scraper/putty knife into the slot between the
two screen halves and pry it apart.  The service manual shows the steps.
dreinmannIT Business Architect - Supply ChainAuthor Commented:
I found the way to do it with out any blemishes whatsoever.  Take off the stand.  Put a screwdriver in the stand slot, and pry up.  Pops right off!
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