we are running checkpoint firewall and ISA. i want to allow my laptop to access the internet directly through the firewall and not use ISA. i have added my pc to a group on the firewall that has unlimited access and initialised the database but its still not working . any ideas why??
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
You are just using ISA as a proxy server or as an internal firewall feeding into Checkpoint?
Have you taken removed the ie proxy settings from your laptop?
What version of ISA are you running?
Is the isa firewall client installed on your machines?
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
isa firewall is not on the pcs
i have removed the proxy server settings from laptop
isa 2000
using isa as a proxy
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Can you verify that the checkpoint box is allowing http/https from the new group you setup? Best practice would have placed a rule on the Checkpoint to only accept proxy (web-based) traffic from the ISA server IP.
I assume that the default gateway of the laptop etc points to the checkpoint internal ip address?

What do the checkpoint fw1 logs show?
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mikeleahyAuthor Commented:
yes ip gateway is the firewall internal ip

by default all http traffic from the lan is denied

group then called excluded with my laptop in it, allowing access to everything.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
So when you look at the checkpoint log. Do you actually see the denied traffic appear? Which rule is denying? same rule that denies everyone else?
1. You need to create an object for your laptop in the Check Point Smart Dashboard. This will include the IP address of the laptop and a name for the object.
2. Importantly - you need to set up NAT (Hide NAT will do (Automatic NAT rule)) on the laptop object that you just created.
3. You need to add a rule on the Check Point firewall to allow the services required (http) out from your laptop. This rule will include your laptop object as the source and the destiantion as any and the service as http (and maybe DNS if you use an external DNS).
3. Install the policy on the Check Point firewall in question.
4. Make sure you laptop is using the firwall as a default gateway or that your laptop has routes added to use the firewall for the traffic required.
Does this firewall have Internet access (unrestricted) so that it can access public IP addresses i.e. it's routing and access is correctly configured?
mikeleahyAuthor Commented:

i have step 1 3 and 4 done . i didnt do a nat rule for the object. would this be causinig the problem . i presume that its all setup properly as an external company did it some time back
Hi Mike,
The NAT (or lack of NAT) could well cause the problem. You should be able to see the NAT settings by double clicking on the laptop object in the Check Point SmartDashboard and looking at the NAT settings. Otherwise you would need NAT set up for the entire subnet (object) on which your laptop is residing. You can do that in Check Point, NAT a whole subnet and Hide NAT the subnet behind the firewalls external IP address. Is the firewall' external IP address a public (Internet) IP adress? There are a few things that could stop your desired access. Try the SmartView Tracker to see what is blocking you access (Assuming your IP traffic requests are reaching the Check Point Firewall). The SmartView Tracker will show you which rule is blocking the traffic. You might have to turn on logging on your last rule (the cleanup rule) and maybe also the logging on implied rules (in Global Properties).
Good luck.

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