Word Document won't print - Office 2003

I have a word document that I cannot print, every other document I have prints out fine.. except for this one.
It has fields in it that you have to fill in.. if possible I could upload the word document so you can see what I mean. I have tried everything from trying to print to PDF to unprotecting the document.. no luck.. I have sent the document to some friends and nobody can't print it.. very weird!! Thanks for your help!
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Go here
and upload the document and post the link to it.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Open the document. Go to Tools, Options Print and make sure that 'Print data only fo forms' is NOT selected.
However one thing I would try is to change the font in the document. Is it using an unusual one? Change it to a common one like Arial or time new roman and try printing again

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techbeausejourAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies. Changing fonts did not work and Print data only for forms was NOT selected.

Here is the link to the file :

Hope somebody has a solution!! Thanks!
I did it :-))

I saved the document as a RTF file (File > Save As > ... as File Type choose Richt text format, *.rtf). I closed the document, and opened the new RTF file. It can be printed. I printed it, actually :-))

Later, you can save the RTF file in the Word format (*.doc) and print if, again :-))

I didn't explain how you made this problem, but you can now print the document.

What is wrong in the document? I see a lot of text boxes instead of normal text, but this is not the source of your problems (I deleted the whole content, and I could not print the document). I would write the document without these text boxes or convert it in the normal text. Maybe someone else know what you did wrong... if you are interested in...

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techbeausejourAuthor Commented:
Yea it worked for me too! Thanks! Still very weird though!!
I will probably take the time to remake the document.  The text boxes need to be there so when we send the document out, they just fill in the fields and send it back..
I'll accept this solution, you figured out how to print it! Thanks again
I saved the document as RTF while I tried to force Word to "forget" eventually strange things in the document (more radical solution would be with a TXT format ;-)) ).

And... I didn't mean the text boxes from a form, these I can understand. I've seen the normal text in boxes (e.g. "Date", or "Quel(s) site(s) vous intéresse?"), and this text can be plain text... It has an additional advantage, because it can be easier formatted. The table at the bottom, too.
this worked for me on a very troublesome document, thanks!
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