Update Dataset and Database

I'm  trying to update a dataset and its not working.  
The form has 4 different 'modes' that it opens in for different formatting reasons.  When the user loads the form in Edit Mode, the form loads and I open the connection and fill the data adapter then use the FindBy function to locate the record the user wants (code below):


Dim drDWS_Main as ds_DWSMain.DWS_MainRow
drDWS_Main = Ds_DWSMain1.DWS_Main.FindBySlip_no(me.txtSlip_no.text)

txtJob_num.text = drDWS_Main.job_no
txtSWO_num.text = drDWS_Main.swo_no
txtDate.text = drDWS_Main.job_date
txtLocation = drDWS_Main.job_site
txtContractor.text = drDWS_Main.contractor
txtdescription.text = drDWS_Main.job_desc

At this point I have the information in the textboxes based on what the user has entered in txtSlip_no.text.

The user can then edit some of the fields.  The user will then save the data and I run the following code:

Public Sub btnSave.....
Dim drDWS_Main as ds_DWSMain.DWS_MainRow
drDWS_Main.job_no = txtJob_num.text
drDWS_Main.swo_no = txtSWO_num.text
drDWS_Main.job_date = txtDate.text
drDWS_Main.job_site = txtLocation
drDWS_Main.contractor = txtContractor.text
drDWS_Main.job_desc = txtdescription.text


Yet, the update doesn't happen.  
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I assume that ds_DWSMain is a DataSet, in which case, after the Da_Main.Update call, you need to have:

tobin46Author Commented:
Tried that it didn't work.  
You shouldn't actually need to open your connections for datasets and dataadapters, as it should do that for you automatically. Not sure if that makes any difference, though
tobin46Author Commented:
I think you are right.  The textboxes aren't bound to the dataset though.  If they were bound to the dataset, it would automatically update if there are changes.  

Just realised - you haven't actually added the row to the dataset.


before Update / AcceptChanges commands

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