deleted startup programs keep coming back

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate.  Using StartupCop, I have disable several startup programs.  However, as soon as I close StartupCop and reopen it, they are no longer disabled.  So I tried doing the same thing using MSConfig's startup program.  Same result.  I uncheck the items, X out and come back and the boxes are checked again.  So, I went to the Registry and deleted the items from run and -run and runonce, wherever they showed up.  But as soon as I X out and return, there they are again.  How do I get rid of this stuff?
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When you unchecked the items in MSCONFIG and clicked Apply or OK, did you then reboot the computer?  Look at these instructions to ensure you did everything required:

If you did everything as above, then the next thing I would want to know is which startup programs are you trying to disable?

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You say you 'X out' - Im assuming you dont mean clicking the cross? If so, you are essentially discarding your changes. Click OK instead, or as I do, Apply and then OK.

rdavesAuthor Commented:
the two entries I am trying to eliminate are:

The BgMonitor is something related to Nero.  However, when I use MSConfig to disable it by unchecking the adjacent checkbox and clicking "apply",  I get a screen refresh and the check box is checked again.
Same thing for ehtray.exe.
When I use StartupCop by disabling or packing for removal and clicking "apply", I get a screen refresh and these two items are enabled again.
When I go to regedit and delete these two entries, they come back big as life after I close regedit and reopen it.  
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Well, I cannot find much at all on BgMonitor, but ehtray and some similarly named programs are mentioned on this page:
HP and Compaq Desktop PCs -  Preventing Programs from Opening When Windows Starts (Windows 98, ME, XP)

Ehmsas   Ehrec  Ehsched  Ehshell  Ehtray  

  All of these software programs are related to Media Center. This software is integrated into Windows XP and should not be prevented from starting. Ehshell is the main Media Center software. The other programs support tasks for Ehshell, like recording and guide download scheduling. If any of these tasks are stopped, The Media Center software could stop functioning or exhibit strange behaviors. Do not prevent from starting.




rdavesAuthor Commented:
Understand the relationship of ehtray to Microsoft Media Center and guess I can't stop it from starting.
However, I am not sure that BGMonitor is really starting.  When I look at the details provided by StartupCop, it tells me that the following command is to be executed:  C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\Lib\NMBgMonitor.exe.
However, I cannot find this file on my hard drive by following that path.  
I also do not understand why I am prevented from deleting the entry "BgMonitor_{79662E04-7C6C-4d9f-84C7-88D8A56B10AA}" from my registry
Can you try modifying the Permissions of the key?  Click the name in the right pane of Regedit, then go to the Edit menu and selection Permissions...
rdavesAuthor Commented:
I get the message:

 "You can’t remove RESTRICTED because this object is inheriting permissions from its parent.  To remove RESTRICTED you must prevent this object from inheriting permissions.  Turn off the option for inheriting permissions, and then try removing RESTRICTED again".  What does this mean?
rdavesAuthor Commented:
Right clicked on the object.  Then Edit>Permissions>advanced>Permissions
In the Permissions dialog box, I see that there is a permission entry for “RESTRICTED”, whatever that means.  I highlight this entre and uncheck the box “include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent”.  Then I get a real scary message that says “You have denied all users access to Run.  No one will be able to access Run and only the owner will be able to change permissions”.
Next, I get a message “Selecting this option means that the parent permission entries that apply to child objects will no longer be applied to this object. To copy the permission entries that were previously applied from the parent to this object, click Copy.  To remove the permission entries that were previously applied from the parent and keep only those permissions explicitly defined here, click Remove
To cancel this action, click Cancel”
If I click "Remove" it would be fine if just the BGMonitor entry would disappear from my registry, however, all the entries in the "Compouter\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2433034647-848334064-812248280-1000\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run"        disappear.
That scares me enough to cancel the action.
you can get the tool check start up and reset many option like disable/enable registry, run, right click, conmamd, control panel, task manager.....
u can download it here 
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