DVD Dead?

Hi, I have a client with an XP Home Edition SP2 PC (faily new - 3 months old) which is acting up. The DVD RW drive although appearing fine in Device Manage, and also within My Computer as D: drive - no longer reads any CD/DVDs at all. Okay, this sounds easy - so I swapped the drive out for a brand new one, solved I thought. But no, same problem - no access to the CD contents at all. So, I grabbed a boot CD, went into BIOS (yes the drive shows good there) and tried to boot off the boot CD. IT WORKED! Boot off the drive nicely. Hmmm, so the motherboard / IDE port communication is good. Back into Windows again I went very hopeful - but nothing. So I removed the device from Device Manager, rebooted, and waited for a redected - it did - cool! The D: drive letter appeared, so I tried a commercial audio CD to play - nothing. Tried to explore contents of a program CD - nothing. Tried Safe Mode removal and redetect - same problem. Arrgghhh. The system has email, word processing, AVG antivirus on a dialup connection. VERY basic setup. All goes goes great - BUT no CD/DVD access.  Any clues? Help? Pointers? Many Thanks!      
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Verify that drive is using DMA mode rather than PIO mode.  Drives can revert to PIO mode due to repeated read errors.  How to check:

Remove upper and lower filters:
Oh, by the way, drive is OK -- it's an XP problem.  If you can boot from it, drive is working properly.
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jesus7Author Commented:
Thanks guys, I will be visitng my client next week, so will go armed with MS Articles to try some solutions offered. Yes, the drive is fine. It's XP <sigh ...> ... Cheers, Paul

jesus7Author Commented:
Well, the client wants an external DVD now so the problem has been solved / umm avoided should I say. Thanks all for your help, but I was not even able to attempt a resolution <sigh ...>  
jesus7Author Commented:
Hi Rindi,
Thats fine, please go ahead and close the question off, as the problem kind of resolved itself. I am not sure if that means the points are refunded or not as I was not able to implement any of the suggestions given. So, over to you - am happy to make it as fair as possible. I think EE is great!
Thanks, Paul


It is always better for the asker to take care of closing his Q. If you can't accept one or more of the answers that have been posted, please follow the instructions in my Link above to close it. If you have questions regarding on how to close the Q because the above instructions aren't clear, please post back.

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jesus7Author Commented:
Since the two experts both helped, (regardless of my inability to implement their suggestions) I felt a split between them fair as they both conrtributed well. Cheers,

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