IBM Deskstar 100GB Drive issues

Hi Guys

I have my mates PC at home, i'm in the process of re-installing windows as the current windows installation is complely shot, i've reinstalled windows on this machine and after the first phase of the install (Format, file copy process, reboot) when the windows splash screen comes up for the first time before setup continues i get a BSOD Stop error 'INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE'

I have checked the drives IDE cabling which is correct and also run chkdsk on this drive, i have run IBM's own testing tools on this drive and the drives SMART logs are good and the drive has reported back no problems, I've now installed windows on a Western Digital 20GB hard drive and all is fine,

Machine spec:
PC Chips Mother board M810L Rev 2 - Socket 462 proccessor
512MB SD Ram
100Gb IBM Deskstar
2x DVD Rom drives (HDD - Primary Master, DVD ROM#1 Primary Slave, DVD ROM#2 Secondary Master)
300W PSU, Windows XP Pro, SP2
BIOS Dated to 2002, Re-set BIOS to basic settings also cleared CMOS as well.

can you please assist ?


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Run Chkdsk /f /r on the system partition
or try using the Recovery Console and run Chkdsk /r
Take the DVD#1 of the same cable as the hard drive and put the HD alone on the primary cable. slave the dvd with the other dvd on the secondary cable.
Also make sure your primary cable is 80 pin?
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Can you get your hands on a spare HDD IDE cable as your exsisting could be faulty. I had a similar issue with a SATA HDD and tested with the manufacutuers HDD test suite and it never reported a fault with the cable though as soon as I replaced the SATA cable the issue was resolved.

How old is the HDD also as if its under warranty whcih is a legally binding guarantee you could get a replacement HDD.

Also when you formatted the HDD did you format the whole volume first? best do this as something window's install will blue screen if the whole volume is not first formatted
motherboardAuthor Commented:

I've tried a replacement 80 wire IDE cable and I still get the same problem, but the 20Gb Western works on the currnt IDE cable anyway, I have run Chkdsk /f /r on the drive and also run numerous other disk diagnostic software's on it as well and all report no problems, The entire volume is fully formatted NTFS I spent a whole hour (approx) doing a full format not just a quick format to, i'm going to try sparkmaker's first comment and i'll get back...

The one thing i did notIce was when i used Partition magic on the drive to look for any File system errors, I got errors then, i wanted to re-size the disk to create a ghost image of the system volume, before i rebuilt windows and the re-size opetaion was aborted due to to many error's, if these errors cannot be fixed maybe it would be safe to say the drive should be replaced ?


"if these errors cannot be fixed maybe it would be safe to say the drive should be replaced ?"

It is logical seeing as you use the same cable, drivers, MBD controller, OS etc to control a different hardware device (20Gb WD HDD) which function fine.

If you have the option of testing this IBM HDD in another PC and it still gives you this BSOD Stop error 'INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE' then I would say yes go back to your manufacturer or the retail store if you purchased it from them only in the last month say as the store should be selling you goods of merchantable quality and replacing it if faulty or providing a full refund if you request this with a your reciept/proof of purchase.

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I would look into updating the BIOS of the motherboard. Based on the age of the board, it might be having a problem with the capacity of the drive. If it works on a 20GB and not a 100, that's where I'd look first. If not, I'd try another similar drive of a 100GB+ capacity and see if it works. If it works on another equally large drive, I'd say screw the diagnostics and toss the IBM drive. I'd look at the BIOS first!
motherboardAuthor Commented:

sorry for the late reply, been bogged down with End Of Year stuff, I have replaced the drive for a 120GB and all is ok, so thanks for the assistance, I award points to Kitezh and maimon22 as both posts did help...


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