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I recently decided to create a home network for my family. I bought the Netgear RP614v4. Now I like to play a lot of Internet games and use to be able to host custom games on Warcraft III - FT but after I installed the new router it didn’t want to work(hosting). I was then told to use port-forwarding oO. So I followed the instructions upon for both Warcraft and utorrent just to see that it wasn’t the game, but I still haven’t had the ability to host a custom game or use utorrent's full downloading capability (its max so far has been 12kb/s on a 8meg broadband). PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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KitezhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are 2 other options you can use. These being UPnP or a DMZ. See Netgears support page on how to set this up. Port forwarding is also covered and there are notes present supporting your model of router :

Also make sure to check the game documentation on any known issues relating to this and how to actually set server up sucessfully.

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